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Full Version: buying :g revolution stadium/
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hi im team meteor i would like to buy a g revolution stadium
or any kind,
also i will like 3 hms beyblades,
beyblade g revolution launcher
if your selling one tell me your price in pm

sorry thread name :buying:g revolution stadium/hms beyblades
Um specify? There isn't just one G revolution stadium. Also this should be in the selling section.
It's the one in the show
(Jun. 28, 2015  2:01 AM)Team Meteor Wrote: [ -> ]It's the one in the show

I doubt anyone will understand anything

If you can briefly describe, then I could help you find it
It's the red one in the 1st episode
That one looks like the balance type stadium / beystadium standard type
Are you sure you can't be any more vague?

If you mean the first episode of G Rev it's unlikely they made a stadium from the series. They made stadiums with the game in mind not the series.