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Full Version: Ugh...Splatoon
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So...I keep saying to friends that this game is carp. Basically a Call of Duty cartoonified and simplified. I am watching the E3 gmeplay of it, and it's adding insult to injury to themselves for all the jokers of the game. There's this younger kid taking over explanation of it, and the adults are putting almost no focus into professionalism.

I need to know what you think of Splatoon before this becomes the more popular Roblox paintball...
Yay, a brand new FPS game. I don't even want to comment about this game.
Not a fan of it, found it to be rather uninteresting.
Why would you make a topic just to talk about a game you don't like? Why would you hate on others for liking it? There are tons of people who would think you were a loser because you like Beyblade; do you want to put yourself on their level?
Re-name this Saltoon, it's just going to be everyones salty escape to complaint here. I played it, it's alright, and it's nice to see a new kind of FPS.
It's an awesome 3rd PersonTurf war game. You don't kill. You focus of the turf you cover. It's a hell of a lot different compared to Cod Fish.
Nintendo needed a new IP to sell the Wii U, and it seems to be working slowly but surely, along with Sm4sh! You know how long it took for my local area GameStops to actually have a Nintendo Poster in the Window? A damn long time, and Splatoon is it. Music is catchy, characters look cool.
Try it out, it's really cool, no salts or h8s.
I don't see anything wrong with it. It's actually really fun especially considering its not that serious. Call of Duty games are completely different than this and a lot more violent and for an older audience (even though 6 year olds still play it). But yeah, Splatoon is actually just a pretty good and fun 3PS and just because it's a shoot'em up game like COD, doesn't mean it's bad.
I got to see 1st person how gameplay is from a friend who got early access, and there's ups and downs for it, which that specific thing, inconsistency, is what makes me dislike it.

Controls are fairly simple IMO, very similar to Call of Duty or CS:GO, but made kid-friendly, instead of shooting people, you mainly cover ground. Not a fan of third person. I think there should be a setup for 1st or 3rd, like other shooter games allow. To me, this is not the right way to take your games, especially if the main appeal is young children (they had a pretty young child doing commentary while playing at E3 to prove my point). Roblox Paintball is better. Children can shoot, and it's not violent or gory. It's good for kids. Besdie, this won't do anything to the 10 year olds this game was designed for because most of them are playing big shooter games already (such as CS:GO). It's a waste of time.

Does anybody see any connections with points I made? I dunno if you guys see it the same way I do or not...
I'm not sure what your point is. I know tons of people who love Splatoon. Do you think they're wrong for not liking the same games you do? Your comments on its gameplay have been vague and mostly just seem like "I don't like it."

Worth noting that Splatoon was never intended to be or play like an FPS; the goal was always to make a game where you cover the field in ink. I recommend reading the Iwata Asks about Splatoon:
My wife actually just snagged Splatoon for me for my birthday, and so far I'm loving it. It's a fresh take on team based "shooters", and one I can also enjoy with my kids!
Seems like everyone is liking it, but you're entitled to your opinion.
And there is an audience for it, even if you think there isn't.
I am 17 years old and play hardcore games like Sm4sh(I'm stealing this, Neo) and Destiny, and other games like it. I LOVE this game. The controls are wonky at first but once you get the hang of it there's a lot of fun and surprising amount of complexity to it. Also, though I haven't completed it yet, they say the solo campaign is fantastic, and it's pretty good 4 levels in. I think this is one of the best fresh new titles that Nintendo has had in years. It's so great because it does have elements of that HUGELY popular CoD franchise, but it's in a much safer and friendly environment. In CoD you can get cussed out but a 10 year old and it can just ruin the experience, but in this game it's all good, clean(or messy) fun. But paint rollers need a serious nerf, haha.

DefStamina88, I suggest that you try it out yourself, I think you'll like its lighthearted tone and complexity because these are elements that make the SSB games so great, and I know you love those.

This game is actually kinda addicting, I find myself often saying "one more match" and stuff like that and playing longer than intended. Also, yes, there isn't much content because of the rushed release, but that doesn't bother me as long as the DLC remains free of charge and the base game actually works as intended, unlike so many other rushed releases.
Splatoon sux.So does COD.
If you want a nice FPS play battlefield...
Splatoon IS NOTHING LIKE CALL OF DUTY STOP COMPARING THEM!! Splatoon is a colorful imaginative game that with a little more content could be great. The gameplay is fun and that's all that counts. I get that some people don't like it because it seems childish but there is no reason to hate on this game. It doesn't suck just because your playing paintball as a squid.
Kids play CoD, adults play Splatoon. And I play Splatoon and it's fun.
I got it.
I love it.
Get rid of the "Ugh..." in the title.
It's not as fresh.
lol. I hate splatoon and cod.They both lose to battlefield 3 and 4
(Aug. 03, 2015  2:31 PM)Elite Projects Wrote: [ -> ]lol. I hate splatoon and cod.They both lose to battlefield 3 and 4

That's fine but splatoon isn't trying to be or rival either of those games. I don't know why people compare them Chief 2002 - Sigh ...
Splatoon's Awesome. I don't know why people compare It to a Mature FPS, when It's not trying to be like that In any way. The only thing similar, Is that It's shooting... nothing else. Splatoon Is a turf war game, so no one focuses on kills unless that's part of their strategy to get people away from covering there turf. Also, Splatoon Is for E10+ so of coarse It's going to be slightly off putting to anyone who expects It to play like a Mature shooting game. So people shouldn't hate unless they've realized this or actually played the game. Imo. Cx
Splatoon wasn't even initially designed as a shooter ... comparing it to Battlefield or Call of Duty is absurd.

(Aug. 03, 2015  1:11 AM)OwnageDerp Wrote: [ -> ]Kids play CoD, adults play Splatoon.

And Beyblade? Tongue_out
(Aug. 03, 2015  4:35 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: [ -> ]Splatoon wasn't even initially designed as a shooter ... comparing it to Battlefield or Call of Duty is absurd.

(Aug. 03, 2015  1:11 AM)OwnageDerp Wrote: [ -> ]Kids play CoD, adults play Splatoon.

And Beyblade? Tongue_out
well, maybe youre right but I think that running around shooting paint at the ground is absurd
In going to get a Wii u this week and spend 20$ extra to get a splatoon one So HAH
You realize how idiotic you sound, right? The splat roller weapon further proves the game isn't even a shooter. You literally paint the ground, with a giant roller. Like, how do you even compare them?
I mean seriously it's one thing to even call it a shooter but over and over I hear FPS it's THIRD person. Either way it's a turf war game. It's not trying to be battlefield or CoD Nintendo doesn't try to be other things Nintendo MAKES things that are new.
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