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Full Version: Buying Dranzer
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Hey its been a long time since i last played this, 2003! Looking to collect my favorite tops, was wondering if you guys knew which is better...I've only had the original Hasrbo ones so dont know if these are identical. In terms of quality which one is the best?

Beyblade Top Blade - Dranzer F (A-30)

Beyblade G Revolution - Dranzer G (A-99)

A-30 Dranzer F

A-2 Dranzer S

Just saw some posts, apparently Sonokong are very cheap in quality? is that true?
Yea it's true. I prefer always takara
Or hasbro. They are more expensive but also better in quality and combination with otjers
I was also looking at that Dranzer G. I can't find any Takara one, only the Sonokong
Hi, still looking for some? Kindly check my thread. Smile