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Full Version: Does anyone wanna trade or buy?
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I haven't played beyblade for a really long time and I have started to get back into them and I want to know if anyone would wanna trade parts or beys for any of the parts.
[Image: kGFJZpr.jpg][/url][/img]
Hey there, I might have missed something but I think this is right. You would need to upload the picture to somewhere like imgur or imageshack. Then go insert image on here and paste in the url that the pic has been given on imgur/imageshack or wherever- I think that's all there is to it but I'm pretty new as well so might be wrong.
K Thx
No worries mate best of luck with the trade
Thank you
Got Any Left
I'll trade you something for the lightning l drago 100 hf or earth eagle 145 wd. I have all sorts of beys just reply to me.
I have an original Quetzalcoatl wheel that I am willing to trade for that counter wheel and gravity bowl
i would trade pisces for that inferno wheel and cyclone herculeo for thermal lacerta
Just pm we can trade
U still got them? Cause if so what do u want for it?