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Full Version: Buying Metal Series Keychain Beys
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As the title says, I'm looking for Metal Fight/Fusion/Masters/Whatever keychain beys to add to my collection. I will take any that aren't on my haves list (see below) but am particularly interested in the more gimmicky or exciting ones like Byxis and Kerbecs. Please state your price inc. postage, reasonable offers will be considered. Oh and
I live in england.

Current haves:
-Flame Sagittario x2
-Galaxy Pegasus
-Dark Bull
-Thermal Lacerta
-Ray Unicorno
-Hell Kerbecks
-Flame Byxis
-Evil Beafowl
-Grand Cetus
I have Hades Kerbecs, Flame Byxis, Evil Befall, and Grand Cetus keychains and I can ship to England despite being in the USA.
Updated list, still happy to take any others.
Still accepting offers.