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Full Version: Elune Saga
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"In the RPG Elune Saga, you play as Tristam, a young man with the power to call on summoned souls to aid him in battle. You'll meet other characters with this ability who will join your group for a price, and you can also fill out your party with someone from your friend list. It has all the usual things you would expect from a social RPG. You'll battle through stages with a set number of battles, collect money and special currencies, level up and evolve your souls, and so on. Like in most of these games, you'll earn quite a bit of one currency that allows you to take a random pull from a lower-grade group of cards, and just enough of a more premium currency to take the occasional random pull from a group of rare spirits. The souls will only level up if you feed them other souls or leveling materials, while your characters will themselves level up through winning battles."

Name: OkamiFire LVL 10
Guild: AmmyFire
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