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Full Version: Lizard Squad
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Over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live were both attacked by a group that call themselves the "Lizard Squad". This group has been harassing Microsoft and Sony by bringing down online service since early December or even earlier then that. They were even responsible for diverting one of Sony's executives flights on a plane with a bomb threat back in August. This is the reason why you haven't been able to get online.

If you want to see an interview with the Lizard Squad, Click here.
They're really annoying. I couldn't even play online on my day off, but I've heard about everybody getting two free games out of this? Is that true?
I havent gotten any games but i would love to, those lizard squad idiots almost made me lose my sign in bonus on gran turismo, and a few months ago they did the same thing to DC universe online but i was still somehow able to play, its so irritating because these guys think theyre robin hood or something when all they do is piss off gamers, i feel bad for anybody who got a new xbone or ps4 yesterday
I just got the ps4 and I've been wondering what was wrong with my system.Microsoft and Sony should become better at programming,maybe even add a firewall around their systems or even work together to stop this.Soon,these guys will be targeting other major consoles like the Wii u or even the 2ds.
I never heard of this group before. I hope they don't target Nintendo.
If Lizard Squad had sensible aims and goals that were justifiable, they would have vocalized them by now.

Every time statements are made by Lizard Squad attempting to justify their actions, my eyes and ears bleed a little. Nothing about what they are doing is "cool" or even remotely interesting. They themselves have yet to state a clear reason as to why they are targeting these companies. So far, they give off the impression that they think these companies are manipulating us....okay...

These seem like a bunch of babies who have a lot of hacking power that they don't know what to do with.

"What is the plan for Lizard Squad next?" - Interviewer

"Um, let me think..."

Wow. Just, wow.
Are these the people associated with the release of The Interview?

Sounds like a bunch of trolls to me...