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Full Version: Blitz Brigade
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This is a great multiplayer FPS game. I'm currently level 9 almost 10, I use Gunners mostly. Soldiers are faster but I don't like having to reload so much and gunners do more damage.
I play this but I can never find anyone on the servers
I find a server everytime, you must not have good wifi.
Trust me,I have very good wifi.I just mostly use my Kindle at night so no one's usually on.
I play at night fine.
Let's play now then
1. We'd probably have to friend eachother to make sure we get on the same server.
2. I'm doing something right now.
Ok,let me know when you're ready.I'm still a rookie tho
(Dec. 16, 2014  8:20 PM)~3liteDeity~ Wrote: [ -> ]Ok,let me know when you're ready.I'm still a rookie tho

Have you had any luck getting a server. I was thinking maybe the app needs an update or do thing, since Pixlr didn't work on my device because I was missing an update .

Anyways, I'm now level 12 and can play as a medic Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
Yeah,I just played 4 rounds.
Can the medic revive?
I just got level 3
A medic heals still living people. When you first get it, he is equipped with a needle gun or whatever for healing and dealing damage to close opponents, a shot gun and a saw thing.
You realized he's unlocked at lv 5 right?
Nope, i unlocked him at lv 10.
I just unlocked him at level 5.His needle gun is strong
Really? Then how come I had to wait til Lv10 Unhappy. What's your username? Maybe I've played you before.

And I'm level 11 now
I'm lv22. Stealth isn't one of my favorites after all :\. The weapons cost to much to repair and stuff.