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Full Version: Multiplayer FPS
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I've been searching bit can't find any good multiplayer FPS(a few exceptions)for tablets.
Post here if u have some
Not to sound like an idiot, but what does FPS mean?
First Person Shooter
Just continue playing Pixel Gun,man...
Brother in Arms 2: Global Front (multiplayer and story modes), N.O.V.A 3 ( story and multiplayer modes) and Blitz Brigade (multiplayer). Great games. I love FPS games.
I have pixel gun but I want something else.
Are those games tablet games burger?
I like brothers in arms,just played it.
I download blitz yesterday but can't find servers to play
I'll try nova next
Starwarfare...It's a pretty good game...But hard to get money like in PG3D.
Can't find NOVA free
I'll try starwarfare
Try Warface, great game.
I had warface on Xbow,is it for tablet too?
Starwarfare is ok,graphics are great and no lag so far
Oh, for tablet? I have no idea, I thought you were talking about pc.
We can discuss both I guess
Nova 3 can be found in the App Store.
I don't have "the" appstore.I do have Amazon appstore but I have to pay
That might be your problem then.
So I've figured
(Dec. 16, 2014  1:46 AM)~3liteDeity~ Wrote: [ -> ]So I've figured

Figured what?