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We are proud to announce the public opening of the Beyblade Spirit encyclopedia, which will cater to all the Beyblade anime and manga fans out there!

For now, it's essentially just a backup of the content that was previously on the Beyblade Spirit website, but it's missing a few things and we are hoping that you all can tap into your nostalgia (old and new) to help fill the holes!

If you are interested, post here and let us know what you would be willing to do. You will also need to post what you have written up in this topic for the moment, because SPAM accounts have already invaded the encyclopedia, therefore I am the only one who can publish things right now.

Here are some things that are definitely needed :
- episode summaries;
- Zero-G character profiles;
- team profiles.

Thanks in advance for your help!

These are some exclusivities :

Cuts and changes by the dub

Bakuten Shoot Beyblade manga chapter transcriptions (Read online!)

The translated off-manga chapter involving Yuriy Ivanov (Tala) - permission officially granted by the translator
First of all: great initiative.
I think that in my few moments of free time I can help with episodes summaries.