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Full Version: Xenoblade Chronicles
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I'm surprised I haven't seen a topic for this. Thank you Chuggaaconroy for introducing me to this game. If anybody doesn't know what Xenoblade Chronicles is, it's basically a long JRPG for the Wii. It got so critically acclaimed, and also got a late North American release. This makes this game kind of rare. But I have found copies of the game at gamestops for about $45. And it's WORTH IT. With over 100+ hours of gameplay with loads of stuff to do and incredible characters and story, this game doesn't disappoint. If you've played the game, post your opinions of it. Also, please don't post spoilers because there are a lot of people including myself who still haven't finished the game.
Dude I love this game, I never owned it but I have played and I love it
I regret not buying this when it was first released. I'm eagerly awaiting Xenoblade Chronicles X now instead. Smile
It just sucks that I'm going to have to buy the new 3DS, but at least it's good for smash with the Cstick, and I'm really loving the colors
Yeah hopefully the circle pad will be stronger for smash bros. Also I'm glad that Xenoblade is coming to 3ds because it's a long game and it will be easier to finish if you can take it with you.