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Full Version: TeamBeyXtreme [Maharashtra, India]
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Team Captain: Team Members:
  1. christophermk
  2. rahul blader
  3. jacob beyblade
  4. Maximum Dranzer
  5. nickien
  6. Yash Pinto

You can be a part of the team if
  1. You are familiar with all formats of game play
  2. You are familiar with all three generations of beyblade
  3. You play semi-regularly at WBO official events
  4. I know you personally

Currently not accepting members, please don't ask.. It's always good to have your own team

Be sure to take a look at the Team format
Can i join in here Ashton ???
(Sep. 01, 2014  6:12 PM)Maximum Dranzer Wrote: [ -> ]Can i join in here Ashton ???

Well yes, you can join .. you are knowledgeable
I'll add you up in a while and i'll be sending you a message on whatsapp soon
Do remember to check the Team format, its very important
Hope to see you regularly for future tournaments
Guys, Lets plan some tournaments for the future
We need some more competing teams for that Christopher.. Well Ashton , thanks for letting me join haha
(Sep. 03, 2014  6:15 AM)christophermk Wrote: [ -> ]Guys, Lets plan some tournaments for the future

(Sep. 03, 2014  1:25 PM)Maximum Dranzer Wrote: [ -> ]We need some more competing teams for that Christopher.. Well Ashton , thanks for letting me join haha

I think we can help others (guys from mumbai) make their teams, this way we can actually start a team tourney
Lets take this to PM/whatsapp
Plzz add me in
(Nov. 18, 2014  3:27 AM)mateenlakhani Wrote: [ -> ]Plzz add me in

I guess we spoke yesterday via whatsapp ...
You can always have your own team (probably with jay, nikhil new, sumedth, jainam, prashil, sameer (from pune) , jatan , sohail (new and old), saneet (from pune) they all live near mumbai and their contacts are in our group, so you can ask them ) etc etc
or try making onwe with jayesh (this guy =>
or maybe the thane guys ( pranav and gang )... although mumbai ones are better as they live closer
We are aleady having extra members here than needed..
If we have more teams then we can have a team tournament, so its better you have your own team
Can I join ashton Grin?
(Jul. 09, 2015  7:30 PM)Asteroid Wrote: [ -> ]Can I join ashton Grin?

Read the OP :p @[Asteroid]
hey can u add me
(Sep. 08, 2015  6:51 AM)Jksiddh Wrote: [ -> ]hey can u add me

Read the first post. We are not accepting anyone

We should plan a event soon
I have decided to remove 3 members from this team. We already have MORE than enough members, and we do not need more.
Please start your own teams, that will help all of you. We need more teams inorder to set up tournaments (if there are any...)