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Full Version: Do you think Xbox should put dedicated servers on their consoles?
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As you all know, Xbox Live has recently been having problems with in-game connectivity. So there is constantly lag in the game. Are you tired of that? Then maybe you are thinking, it is time they put on dedicated servers. Players could just create dedicated servers, and whenever you notice a player with a bad connection, just put them on the server block list, Also you can play by your own rules. Whether Quickscoping, Trickshotting, whatever they may be. Also, when you see someone who is annoying you, you could also put them on the block list. That way, everyone's gaming experience on Xbox Live is improved. Do you agree?

Comment below your opinion! Then, if I get a lot of votes, Microsoft will put dedicated servers on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Vote at! Just look for the post "Put dedicated servers on both consoles."

The democracy in the Xbox Live community begins!
Hell yeah they should!I will vote!
What you're really asking here is "Do you think console gaming should be like PC gaming?", which doesn't particularly work since they're two different things.

The way it is already is perfectly fine. Microsoft already supports the Xbox One with it's Azure dedicated servers, which developers use for their online multiplayer modes. Players are already allowed to create private matches in most games, so I honestly don't see the need for implementing anything further.