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Full Version: [Springfield, Illinois] Interest Gathering
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So, springfield is a nice middleground between a lot of major cities in the US and relatively close to where I am headed for college. If I were to host I would need a backup host for every tournament in the case that something came up last minute, but I am interested in seeing if we cannot get some sort of bi or tri monthly tournament scene going in this area. We should be able to pull bladers from all around.

Just a little example of how many major cities Springfield is close to:

[Image: meow_zps5b9886b8.png]
Speingfield is definitely closer to me than Niles and Chicago so I'd have a much better chance for an event here. Maybe this fall I can get an event going, I'm not sure about before though. Another active area would be great. Maybe you can find some people at your new college who are somewhat interested!

I mean, 130 miles isn't close, but it is closer than 200-250 to northern IL, haha.
208 Miles from where I am now... I don't think my parents would take me.
Can we do this over the summer?