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Full Version: General Racing Thoughts
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Hello racing enthusiasts! My name is Snoop Dog MS(as many of you might know), and welcome to the "General Racing Thoughts" thread. I'll change the name when I get around to doing it. As of now, this thread is going to be random thoughts about all motorsport including Rally, Motorcycles, Offroad(includes monster trucks and such), FIA GT, World Touring, Formula 3, Formula Renault/Ford, Go-Karting, and of course...Formula 1! We will also be talking about your success in racing, and we will be having some spiced up debates! I will put up my entries for the topics.

General Motorsport: Lewis Hamilton is doing so good in Formula 1 right now! He already has a World Championship medal for F1, and now he is oing to be runner up with his teammate Nico Rosberg(who I think shouldn't deserve the F1 championship this year).

My Success: Well, in my experience with Go-Karting, I have gotten a great time at a very difficult track in Serbia, under a minute! I think it's pretty good because they are pretty difficult corners. Today, I'm going to be having an unofficial race against two other people. I know it's unofficial, but in Chicago there is a Junior League Go-Kart Championship, so this will help my experience in Go-Kart racing. Hope I win!

Weekly Debate: For this week, we're gonna go to the classics. Who do you think is the better F1 driver of all time? Michael Schumacher, or Ayrton Senna?

Have fun!
Update: I was the fastest of 4 adults in the race.