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Full Version: A Problem With Shooters...
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Aw carp. I really wanna pick up my old blades and play a bit. Just one problem. My shooters don't work too well.;_; Whenever I shoot, it makes thism really odd sound, that didn't happed before. Any tips on how to fix it?
Lauchers right? How many do you own?
Around 20-30....
All of them are defective? It could be the cord too, but I bet people would be willing to send you some (including myself).
Eh, the winder really isn't the problem for the most part. There are I few that I have with the spikes or teeth or whatever are word down.

Edit: Well, I found the problem. I just gott pull the winder to the right a bit when I shoot now. Everything's better.
U also might wanna try to un swere ur luncher and lok at the gear to see if any of its teeth are missing cuz tht could also be the problem
I think a launcher would become illegal once it is screwed open.
*whistles tunelessly*
How come loads of mods say to unscrew and grease it then? lol
Lawl, many people thought Bit-Beasts were real too.
Just because hundreds of people think it's right doesn't mean it's right.
I've never heard anything about lubing your launchers.

Quote:Just because hundreds of people think it's right doesn't mean it's right.
What's going to stop people from filing their ARs and BB tips and adding extra weight on Beys then? I'll just stop there since I really don't want an argument from happening.
Sorry G I have to counter you.
Beholder used to explain that it was important to lubricate your tournament launcher. ie every advantage. I did do it to an extent, as less friction is definitely better.

any who Silvia, I think that the sorta plastic-clutch like part between the prongs(where the bey blade mounts) and the square end of the driven shaft is slipping, if thats clear?
if you take it apart, I think you'll see what I mean.
If you do so take pictures of it and I'll point out possible solutions.
haha yeah, but I still haven't about lubing launchers until now though.