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Full Version: Stadium Legalization
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So, thanks to the universal rulebook produced by the committee we already have this nifty little table that shows what stadiums are currently legal and illegal for each format:

[Image: delete_zpsb845323c.jpg]

Other than this, all three BBG stadiums are currently legal in Zero-G.

Currently Banned In All Formats:
All Hasbro Stadiums
Super Control Stadium
Stamina Type
Wide Square Type
Super Attack Type
Extreme Beystadium
Tornado Beystadium

Potentially Unbannable:
Super Control Stadium (Limited, Standard, Plastics, HMS?)

See the existing discussion on and tests in the Super Control Stadium here:
I've been reading a lot for the past couple of hours, researching stadiums and comparing features, and I must say that the super control stadium looks very similar visibly to the Attack stadium; more so than any other stadium I've seen. I checked the thread you linked in the post (missed out on the discussion while I was away), and I must say I was surprised by how much raw data there was in the OP, not to mention detailed testing from Uwik with commentary and everything.

The testing seems to indicate that performance between the two stadiums is nearly identical pertaining to Stamina matches, and although there is a slight disadvantage to Attack types in formal testing (AKA controlled environment), the apparent ease of launch with Attackers in the Super Control stadium will likely make up for that in tournament play. On top of that, I don't think the gap is really significant enough to prohibit the stadium's use anyway.

Of course, the big kicker is that the Balance Type stadium is actually legal, which, given the significant difference in shape and Attack performance relative to the BB-10, totally justifies legalizing something like this, which displays much less deviation from the Attack stadium than the Balance Type stadium does.