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Full Version: [Georgia, USA] Is it possible to hold a tourney in Georgia?
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He was up its beybladeheart and I was thinking,it would be really cool to go to a tourney. I soon realized there have not been many(if there were any) in Geogia. Do you think it would be possible to hold one in Georgia?
Sure, you wanna host it?
I cant but that is a good idea
O and Brad isnt there a battle strikers tourney tommorow in georgia?
That sounds cool. It would take a little driving from South Florida, but if it falls on a weekend, (or Summer) I'm defiantly going!
never mind just trying to see how the siggy thing works
So does anyone live in Georgia who would be interested
im in Georgia and So is my cousin so thats two people
Cool that's two
hey!!! idk if the tournament is over er anything, but im in SC so my parents might be willing to do a little driving!!! where in georgia is this goin down?
yea I live in Georgia it will be nice for a tourney
Yeah I'm in ga and id love a great tourney just waiting for info and status for wats gonna be up for battles and beyblades. I heard some places do have some tournaments, but you'll have to research.
We can hold a tourney.
any one in Tennessee plz look at the nashville request
yeah they should really hold one in georgia me and my cuz(Fess) been looking for a tourny
and how about u host it and we have a friend who we got hooked so thats three
I live in Georgia, around the Atlanta area, a friend and I would like to attend a tournament...
i live in Georgia i can bring 4 or 5 ppl
Well we have enough people to do the tournament. You guys wanna do it next saturday.
It would be in some park. In atlanta
thats coo with me i live right outside of atl
next saterday?
what park will it be at ?
bcuz i can go and most likley take 1 or 2 friends
tommorow at 3pm at peidmont park
did u guys hold the tournament yet if u did can u do another one because i can bring at least 10 people
How bout this satuday? at peachtree park.
sure wat time?
if ya do another 1 let me knw wat time and i will try 2 bring at least 2 frends with me
were is peachtree park??
i live in lawrenceville
3pm and its somewhere in atlanta
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