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Full Version: The D Series's Importance in Stamina
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So any other things besides the PD issue?
(Aug. 14, 2014  2:05 PM)Tasty Wrote: [ -> ]

Sharp tips, you mean ? If so, basically Beywiki has the answer :
(Jul. 03, 2014  10:17 PM)RagerBlade Wrote: [ -> ]
Different variations of the D tip are used at every tournament, and every Blader should have knowledge of the series in order to be more competitive.  Now if you look at the Meta, the most common usage of D is on Stamina.  Before I start explaining I want to start this here is some FAQ for new Bladers who are newer to this site.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the tip D?
D stands for Defense

Why is it on Stamina?
D may stand for Defense, but it does not have a lot of defensive power.  The WBO Bladers have tested it thoroughly and have found it's primary use to be a Stamina tip.

What are the names of these tips?
WD, D, EWD, BWD, SD, PD, and W2D are the ones used most commonly in Stamina, but for each tip to be effective it must be used with the proper height, weight and etc.

So the main goal of this article is to give the knowledge of D's Stamina to every Blader.  Each variation will be explained in detail and afterwards include the best ways to use each tip and conclude it with a list of (possibly) competitive combos, that make great use of the variation of D.

This is definitely  a tip worth using, but unlike it's succeeder it cannot be used on lower combinations with guaranteed wins.  This tip's main usage is on Duo/Phantom (AKA Light and Circular Wheels) and on taller heights.  How I can prove this?  Look at the Top Tier combination Duo Cygnus 230D.  If you were to exchange the 230 for an SA165 (Good with WD) then D would not be able to get to it's full potential.  

SD is a smaller designed version of D.  It was designed to provide an easy way for tracks such as H145 and SW145 to shine, but it can indeed work the same way as D and spin on tall heights, in fact that is it's main factor.  

It is opinion at this point to see which is the better tip.  This is a very argued concept though, so both tips are options at this point until further tests prove that one is better.  

Overall I have to say D and SD both work and are very much one of the best Stamina tips along with TB, and so if you want to make a tall Stamina combo, then D and SD are some very good options.

Now onto powerful combos with D/SD.  
-Duo (Cancer/Cygnus/Hades) 230 D/SD
-Duo (Cancer/Cygnus/Hades) TH170 D/SD

WD Family
As we move onto some more common tips we have the WD family (WD, W2D, EWD, and BWD).  These tips are very similar in design, and have similar uses.  These are probably the most commonly seen tips in the Winning Combinations thread due to it being on so many Beyblades.  Their primary uses are, like most WD tips, on low tracks.  Using 230WD won't give you the full Stamina approach as using 230D.  The highest most people use is on the track SA165, and this is only because of the track's shape.

EWD like every "Eternal" tip has a metal core inside a plastic outer piece.  This is done to provide more Stamina.  Despite the "eternal modifications" EWD is to be used in the same way as WD.  They are both interchangeable and at this point, just like D and SD, the matter is still being debated.  

W2D is another strong Variation of WD.  This time, there is an extra tip at the bottom of the tip, but even that doesn't give W2D more Stamina then WD and EWD.  It has it's uses on tips, but is ultimately not as reliable as WD of EWD.

BWD is the most different from its family, because of it's bigger design.  It has severe imbalance and is not recommended in Standard as much as it is in Zero G, but can still be used as replacements for WD and EWD.

Overall the WD family is a very solid series of tips and every Blader should definitely have multiples of them.  


Some powerful combos with the WD Family
-Duo (Cancer/Cygnus/Hades) SA165 WD/EWD
-Duo (Cancer/Cygnus/Hades) W145 WD/EWD
-[MSF(-H)] (Revizer/Genbull/Killerken/Girago) Dragooon SA165[Normal] EWD
-MSF-L Girago Dragooon SA165[Zero-G Attack] EWD

Final Conclusion
These tips are the best tips for Stamina usage in Standard.  This was found through various tests and various tournament results.  The D family has uses in other types such as RDF for defense, but these specific tips that were mentioned are best in Stamina.  So the conclusion from all tests and tournament results is that the D series is by far the best series of tips for Stamina.

On High Tracks
D and SD>WD Family

On Low Tacks
D and SD<WD Family

What about SWD? My WD is wearing out and so is my SD , so is SWD a good replacement? (I Have EWD but thats a different story)
Yes SWD has been tested and shown to be on par with WD
(Dec. 17, 2016  4:22 AM)mj9 Wrote: [ -> ]Yes SWD has been tested and shown to be on par with WD

In my experience. SWD did pretty close to that of WD IMO. But when SWD wobbles it's "WD" part scrapes and make it harder to get balance back (which in results the loss of stamina). Against opposite spin I think both are fairly equal (though WD has slight advantage). Tbh I will always prefer WD over it but that doesn't mean its bad by anyways. WD is just better. 

BTW I don't really think W2D is necessarily better then BWD as mentioned in OP. W2D has same problem of not able to get back balance when wobbling like SWD compared to WD, It's also much lower friction which will also give it higher recoil and easier to KO. Yes it does great against left spin but BWD is still better against same spin and get back it's balance while wobbling without losing much stamina (atleast better then W2D but WD is still better) and BWD can also be used in Zero-g stadium
I like your combo.
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