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Full Version: Your Creations Contest Suggestions / Random Thoughts
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I have created the ultimate bey " Theseus Rashaka ", I'm new to the community but i have strong ambitions.
Can we make our own beyblade in this contest
I am thinking of starting somepoint write a Fanfic to take at first place in Metal Saga and then move for the Shogun Steel/Zero-G Era as next part.

For first, little Tournament, with few OC Teams too.

For next part, a story from perspective of a new blader as well as one of the OC Teams leaders after events of Zero-G story; Main focus being around "Balro" Warrior Wheel. I think I post a thread about it.
Would it be crazy to have a new evil bey as a bey that can cause gimmicks/ability’s to not work anymore and have a non burstable mode where it turns all black (in the anime of coarse)
Is this where we can post fanfics?
(Jul. 03, 2020  5:03 PM)Admiral W Wrote: [ -> ]Is this where we can post fanfics?

No, press create thread in the “Your creations” sub forum.
Any1 got a good place to get the B-09 beystadium cheap?
[Image: image0.png]My take on the new spriggan coming in sparking
this was actually a pretty decent prediction
I'm thinking of doing a contest, a beyblade geek (trivia) quiz.
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