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Full Version: Plastics & HMS: GOD RING, Samurai Upper & CWDs
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Hello all,
I live in the UK and am open to buying internationally.

I'm looking for:

Jiraiya MS (primarily the Bearing Core)
Samurai Upper
CWD Defense Ring (from RBA, heavy version)
CWD Free Survivor (Thunder Dragon)
CWD Reverse Defenser (4 spiky tips, from Dranzer MF)
CWD God Ring

Much obliged for reading, pm me and let me know if you'd be willing to sell for non-extortionate prices.
I much prefer if you name your price and we go from there.

All the best,
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Sans the RB CWD's, (Free Survivor/Defense Ring) you'll have better luck by obtaining the whole Beyblade.
People are more willing to sell the entire thing, not just the one useful part and then have 2 more worthless parts they can't sell.
Eh, my suggestion.
I figure it depends whether the potential seller is a "collector" or someone who enjoys/appreciate competitive parts.

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just have a nib dranzer v2... if u want, make me an offer.
and ur hms parts, u wanted, still waiting Smile