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Full Version: MFB upkeep/maintenance?
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Ugh, where do I begin...

My friend and I were battling with the custom blade I had built and given to him a couple months back (I was using Pegasis 105F and my friend Virgo 100HF). Now, as the battle went on, the Virgo wheel got HUGE marks on it. My friend was concerned about his blade's performance, and I became concerned about future battles.

Now, I know Beyblade is a full contact game (for the blades, anyway), and that dings and dents are unavoidable. But I want to hear some WBO-legal ways to keep MFBs clean and working before I do anything else (I.E.,can I buff out scratches? Apply lacquer on the wheel to replace lost lacquer? Stuff like that?)

All this time on the WBO,and no one has mentioned anything about this. I'm surprised. So, I encourage you to post helpful suggestions for MFB maintenance. Thank you!
they're not scratches on the metal, pre-HWS is coated in silver paint so it looks more damaged than it is

if you want, you can strip all the paint, then repaint and lacquer it, but i would honestly just learn to live with it

post-HWS aren't coated at all, so they can get quite dingy. just use a metal polish on them
Also only lacquer them whit spry paint, when the bey was new, can help to preserve the original apparence.
I think the scratches from battles are cool it's on my virgo aswell i don't really see a problem with the scratches it's not denting the bey or anything.
It's just personal perference... some people like seeing their MFB with scratches ("battle scars") and everything, while others want their MFB to be kept in good condition and look like they're brand new.
The only thing is, it's impossible to prevent them from scratching unless you don't use them. It's like freaking out every time you get a scuff on the bottom of your shoes.