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Full Version: Life Hacks | Share your life hacks here!
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This is the life hacks thread, anything life hacks can be posted here.
To start, what is a life hack (This is for anyone who doesn't know what life hacks are)
A life hack is something you do that makes life a little easier! Such as: Use a staple remover to put keys on your keyrings, if you have a life hack, post it!

Top 5 Life Hacks:
None yet, post some and make life easy for everyone!
To get one of your life hacks on here, just reply with your life hack, if it turns out to be a really good one, it could be posted on here where everybody will see it!
Also, note this thread is frequently updated.

Hacks By Me:
1.Use A staple remover to get keys on keyrings
2.Use A dust tray in a sink to fill over-sized buckets.
3. did your mom get the wrong batteries for your remote, just put them in like they were the correct ones, then put some tinfoil in to fill the gap, the battery is the same voltage, and same chemical, so it will work.
4. are you cutting onions? you can either put the onion in the freezer for 15 minutes OR simply breath through your mouth, no more crying over cutting onions.
5.If you can use accented/foreign (Any letter not in the english alphabet and is not a punctuation mark) letters in your password, most people dont even know how to use them, so nobody will guess your password correctly.
Is my hacks not enough? Just say what ones you have, more people saying what hacks they have= more awesome!