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Full Version: Selling a Metal Fusion Collection+Attack Stadium Clear
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Hello, I am selling my collection of MF beyblades but am unsure as to how much each is worth so I am putting them all here for offers. Will probably sell them via eBay for payment or paypal if you are okay with that. I have also included all the cords slash launchers with most all of them and the tool. They vary in condition from very used to new. Here is a list of all the ones I have:

-Storm Capricorn
-Rock Leone
-Burn Phoenix
-Lightning L Drago
-Earth Eagle
-Dark Bull
-Storm Pegasus
-Evil Geminos
-Flame Sagittarius
-Hell Kerbecs
-Poison Serpent
-Thermal Pisces
-Ray Unicorno
-Grand Cetus

I also have a clear attack stadium unsure of its value and has lots of use on it but is still in good condition. I also have a duotron launcher from a long time ago and don't know if that is worth a few dollars but I don't have the original cord. Thanks for everything and please ask if you have any questions about condition or general questions. I don't know if individual selling or selling it all in a lot would be best.

[Image: 302ubl2.jpg]

[Image: 2w4zbk2.jpg]

[Image: 2uh037c.jpg]

I included pictures of the bottoms and more clear pictures of the stadium. It has a lot of marks on it but the actual stadium is not damaged it is cosmetic wear but I can look further into it if needed. I can also take more photos and close up views if requested. Thanks
You might want to take more detailed pictures of the stadium and underside of the Beyblades, just so buyers can be aware of the use and see for themselves. Tongue_out
Thanks for the suggestion, will do!
How much for each bey ? And the stadium ? (does the stadium is a BB-10 ?)
Does your beys are hasbro or takara-Tomy version ?
It says in the OP you have to make an offer, through PM.

Most to all are Hasbro.
Yes please make an offer through PM. Yes the stadium is a bb-10 model. Kerbecs, Unicorno and Cetus are the only ones not from hasbro