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Full Version: [Paris, France] the french tornement
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i just want to see how much people are willing to come to a tornement in france (eiffel tower) post Wink if your willing to come or this ;( if not
awesome place to bey i think cause in one of those g-revoloution vids they played at the eiffel
This is in the wrong forum.
Off topic soz :- kai-v i was going to say that but like i thought thatt someone would go your not a moderator or anything so i didn't say anything.
hey i really need to know how much can come because i want it to be a official event
If nobody has replied in a day, give it more days. Be patient.

If nobody has replied in days, then nobody can come. It is that simple.
how epic ps i could translate cos i speak french but im not in france
we will can buy some MFB at the tournament or not ??
because i search MFB on ebay ... but my mother doesn't accept because beyblade coming to china ... Could you help me please ?
ok then for a french tournament you need a french comunity i know where i can find people if some body can help me it will be great !
me I can for tournament but I have not of MFB
i would like to participate too.