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Full Version: Meteo L Drago F230CF
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Well, from looking around, I could tell that there wasn't much testing on this. I use a Orange F230. I did find it has huge OS'S on stamina types. It does get KO'D by Attack easly. I'll update this OP tomorrow with more stuff. Now..........
On to testing!
Yo, way to reveal my most probable combination in an upcoming Limited-format tournament hah.

What about if Gravity is banned though ? How does it do against the next best Attack type(s) ?
Haha, sorry Kai-V.

I was going to do them, but I runned out of time. I'm testing again though and so far, it gets a few KO'S from them, but it does seem to stand. It only really gets destroyed against Left-Spin Attackers (Gravity.)
This sounds like a silly question that I think we all know the answer to. What about low hight stamina combos?
Actually I used this combo at Maryland tournament last December it went pretty well only thing i lost to is Gravity F230 and Dark Knight F230.

prefer T/D125GCF over this overall.

I'll contribute this when i find my L/R launcher somewhere...
Fake tests (Click to View)
Thanks Stars. That'd help. Seen as this is my favorite Meteo combo, haha.
Oh! Sweet!

I've been looking into this. Your numbers pretty much confirm mine. The Attack testing is the reason I like this custom. Tongue_out

Yah, this has already been used pretty heavily. I think it was already "revealed." It was probably one of the first thoughts that entered everyone's mind when this format came out. XD

Awesome testing "L"! Finally some solid numbers to look at.

Although, I'm curious, how did Scythe 230D beat this 40% of the time? That seems a little weird, even with all the KOs.

EDIT: Woah... Just saw the Cosmic/Omega testing. Dat ain't good. Confused Lemme try this...
For the Scythe tests, Scythe thrashed it a bit, lol. As for Cosmic/Omega: It was mostly lined up with the gaps of the stadium, haha.
I've seen this in the winning combinations thread alot Smile, could somebody test against Duo W145WD (closest we have to anti-spin-steal right?)?

Would MF-L make this better?
I'm definitely gonna try this in a few days when I get back to my beys. When doing the attack testing, how did you launch Meteo and Omega/Cosmic?
Weak launched Meteo. Full launched attack type.
I knew this thread come out soon enough. I did see this combo either by JesseObre or Kei at A Year: The Month of Frozen Heads. This might seen kind of odd but, can you do tests against Burn_230MB? Thanks Smile
Yep Midnight:

Fake tests (Click to View)
Hm, would definitely like to see others post some tests vs right spin attack because those numbers are much too high for my liking tbh.
Well, after looking carfully, I found out my F230 was stuck again, witch is why Meteo lost to attack. It got fixed now, so I redon them:

Fake tests (Click to View)
Hope this helped to clear things up. Sorry for the mix up.

Also, th!nk, was you calling me a liar?
He wasnt calling you a liar. He was just saying that high results, for something you'd think would be easily KOed, isn't good for the format. I'm still processing the tests, that's insane, haha!
Could you try testing it against Spiral pisces Wa130Rf?

I know its kinda outclassed but i use it a lot in tournaments and i have won just about every match with it.
Don't have formal testing but from what I've seen before and quickly trying it, screw would win that matchup.
Thanks Think!
Also, remember to stall as fast as possible since the user of F230CF is likely to stall.
(Mar. 18, 2014  3:11 AM)TheLibraKing Wrote: [ -> ]Also, remember to stall as fast as possible since the user of F230CF is likely to stall.

Actually, I noticed something weird while playing around and went and re-checked it seeing as you mentioned it - stalling actually doesn't seem to be the best tactic for Screw, though what worked best for me seemed to depend on the tip - against GCF, stalling was a bad idea, whereas with a sliding shot it would at some point bump into screw and fly out of the stadium (obviously you'd need to be careful to launch so that screw doesn't stay in place for a second after launch like many sliding shots cause RF to do but yeah). Against CF, it was a lot more mixed, but light banking (producing a very loose flower pattern) worked best for me. Not a huge number of rounds but the difference was very noticeable.

I think it's a matter of screw's weight and sloped design and meteo being lightweight and maybe a couple of other things, which make coming at it at an angle the most effective option.
Wow, great tests! I really appreciate that you took the time to do those.

Could you by chance test against MF-H Lightning L-Drago 90 RF? I'd like to see it put up against a legal left spin attacker.
This combo doesn't take hits well at all, though that Lightning combo may be too low to do much to it, LLD combos would win that as long as they landed a hit, which isn't hard. MSF-L Dark Knight Genbull F230CF is probably the best F230 custom out now and it doesn't take hits well either - but unlike this combination it at least can KO LTSC decently enough. Honestly with the light weight of Limited, I think F230 is really overrated - perhaps even with Gravity.
Fake tests (Click to View)
D K Genbull F230 GCF will not do better as can be KOed by a stock Thief Zirago WA130 HF.
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