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Full Version: [Wallington, UK] unoffcail event
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hi guys any intrsend in playing a event i will host it at ST marys field in wallington its with in the london area but on th out skrits of it. its easy to get to i have some of my bey stuff for when i did it years ago but only a lil bit of stuff and feel free to bring all types of bey's
you need to post in event proposals before you make a thread so this is in the wrong forum and make sure you put better detail such as name date venue format etc.

And I like to encourage people to use proper grammar. Smile
It shouldn't have gone in event proposals as he just wants to see if there is any interest. If there is any then he should consider submitting it to the Comittee. Or at least this is the way that I see it. It also wouldn't be an official event like he stated in his topic title. Hence there would be no reason to propose in the official event forums.
sorry for my inproper grammar and as Beyuk-Espio said is to see interest and if so i will submit to the comittee
i have a venune and a format all types the only thing i dont have is day and time how can organzie something which has no intrset