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Full Version: I am looking for some HMS beys
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Please tell me where I can find a cheap Dragoon ms or dranzer ms from $20-25 pls
You will only find a Dranzer MS for that price, and that is if you even find a reasonable seller. Dragoon MS basically never sells for that low, it is at least sixty dollars.
Please send me a link if you find a cheap dranzer ms, I know it's difficult and maybe impossible but pls do if possible, Im also searching

it can be new or used
Check my selling thread for Dranzer MS Smile
Dranzer ms (sonokong) goes for around $50 bucks and the Takara and hasbro ones can range from $100-250. Dragoon MS usually goes for around $100.

This is the cheapest dranzer ms I could find. Sorry if it's more than you want to pay Uncertain