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Full Version: Hang On English Vers.
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So it's a real pain that the original English version of the beyblade anime song 'Hang On' by Chris Szczesniak & Mike Duncan is classed as a lost song. The fan-made versions are great, but it's annoying listening to the anime in the background.

I've decided to start working on a project to take the clear quality audio of the German version that I purchased on itunes and remove the vocals. I'll use various tools, but if it keeps failing then any advice on other tools would be greatly appreciated.

If this works, I'm hoping to post a good, clear quality mp3 of the instrumental version. My next step will be trying to remove the english vocals from the fan-made audio, then put the two together. The vocals might still sound pretty poor, but if it works then the background music should be clear and one volume all the way through - and hopefully no anime noises!

IF all this goes smoothly, then I'll try adjusting the audio volume for the vocals to attempt to match the instrumentals in volume. The vocals may lose some quality, but it will be less annoying than erratic volume.

This might not work (and if it does then possibly not well), so I don't want anyone to get their hopes up on a perfect recreation of the original. I'll post my progress throughout, and anyone interested in helping is more than welcome Smile
go for it i would love to hear a good version of hang on
Okay, it turns out my memory was messing with me. I didn't purchase the original german version, but got hold of a copy of an mp3 file of it, which is mono, so I can't remove the vocals.

If anyone has bought the original German copy somehow (CD would be best, but mp3 should be fine) then it would be a great help if you allowed me to use a copy.

In case not I'm saving up for some more professional software. There's at least two that I know of that should be able to remove vocals from mono tracks, although it will be tedious work.

Until then I'm just going to mess around with the fan made version to try and improve the sound quality. I'll provide links to youtube for progress of each step, any feedback for the results would be great.

I WILL NOT GIVE UP! haha Smile
Honestly, given we have a couple of capable musicians on this site, and the fact the song isn't that complicated (and the tone is very generic buttrock tone), I'd basically just figured eventually we could get around to remaking it ourselves haha. I'd kill for a tab of the thing as I can't really tab stuff out by ear.

The fan made version is a pretty sorry place to start from though, no disrespect to whoever made it but it's really, really awful and needs a lot more than sound quality improvements etc.
Personally, given I like the german language I've been pretty happy with the german version. Also, just a kinda slightly related comment, the sound quality of the main rip of the english OST isn't that hot either, I would really like to redo that myself (seeing as I know how to do all that) if I could get my hands on it, but right now I haven't seen one for a while and am broke.
That would be brilliant Grin

Thanks for the honesty, I get carried away quite easily. I like the german version too, but I don't speak the language so can't sing along in the same way. I agree with your point on the fan made version, that's why I wanted to try and improve it if possible.

When you say the english OST, which season and songs are we talking?

If there was a way to take the german vocals out of the song, there is a possibility that any talented musicians willing to could sing along? Other than that, as you said it's getting the tabs down. I wouldn't be able to help with that but I'd be interested in the progress if people took it on Smile