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Full Version: Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Lord of the rings
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Hey i just wondered if any of you guys play any of these categories i've put up as my thread name, i indeed play Warhammer 40k.

Please speak your ming you can say it's carp but no swearing, say what you think of it if it's awesome or carp or there is no point in it etc.
I use to play the LOTR warhammer, I did enjoy it for quite awhile but got bored of it, cause my mates stopped playing. Still have all the stuff, should really get round to selling it all, as I got quite a lot of stuff just collecting dust in the loft.
Which did you used to collect.
I had a bit of both but mainly the evil ones lol.
Those games are so expensive! I can't do it, how can you afford it? Sell a kidney?
Well there only about roughly the same prices as what they sell beyblades for on theintoy. Blitz i meant what was your armie called and what like part warhammer or warhammer 40k i collect Eldar btw.
I had chaos in 40k, but I always preferred the fantasy themed version. Orcs <3

I actually found it a little interesting to play Warhammer Online for a bit, the MMO. It was good for background lore if nothing else. =]
I used to do LOTR when it was out and coming in magazines. I had quite a large collection at one point.
Awesome i think chaos is a good armie now it is anyways
Does anyone still play warhammer 40k ? if so PM me please.
Used to play Gorka Morka a lot... crazy fun game, that was!
Spinster could you describe what the game is like in your opinion.
Gorka Morka was WH40K done up as a no-holds-barred automobile race.