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Full Version: The Metal Fury Project - Phase 1 - Attack
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:: The Metal Fury Project ::
Phase 1 - Attack


Hey guys! Who else is super excited about this format!! I'm legit freaking out. XD So much so that I spent every free moment of today doing extensive testing for this specific purpose.

As you all know, this format incorporates mostly parts from the old Hybrid Wheel/Metal System generations. Well, we already have testing for all that stuff. A lot of it's on Beywiki, and, thanks to the great testing bladers before us, we already know everything we need to know about this format.


Wrong! All these parts have been tested before, because, at one time, they showed competitive potential. However, there was one series of Beyblade releases that were never tested, due to the fact that, though they were new, they showed no potential against the current metagame. That series was Hasbro's Metal Fury line, their Hybrid Wheel conversions of Takara Tomy's 4D series.

However, as Synchrom and 4D have been eliminated in this exciting new format, Metal Fury has become... well... actually good for something! In the Metal Fury Project, members who wish to volunteer will undergo extensive testing for the Metal Wheels from the Metal Fury line, to find where they lie competitively in the Limited Format meta. This is Phase One, testing in the field of Attack. Defense and Stamina will, obviously, follow later.

Please volunteer your time to test these Metal Wheels out to see if they hold potential!

Fortunately, back around a year ago when I had no idea what I was doing, I bought loads of Metal Fury Beyblades. I'm happy I did now, but I don't have everything! If you own any Metal Wheels that have not been tested yet, chances are it's because I don't own them. Break 'em out and start testing!

We also need multiple users to test each Metal Wheel so that we can see whether or not the results are consistent. If you own any Metal Fury Wheels and the top-tier Track/Bottom combinations to test them out, please do!


Now onto testing! In this thread, we'll be focusing on Metal Wheels that may have potential in Attack. Judging by their 4D counterparts and my own personal experience with testing these briefly before, I've settled on testing Beat, Blitz, Variares, and Cosmic.

Some of you may be asking, "Why aren't you testing the Fang wheel? Wasn't it top-tier a while back?" My answer to that question is that:

1. Fang was top-tier only because its "counter mode" showed Attack potential. The Hasbro Metal Fury mold of Fang is fused in Defense mode, which shows no real Attack potential.

2. From my own informal testing, it honestly isn't even worth the trouble. It's smash is quite pitiful IMO.

That said, we'll be conducting our tests against 2 standard Defense types, Earth Aquario TH220CS, and Earth Aquario GB145CS. We'll be benchmarking with good ol' Gravity, using MF-H Gravity Perseus R145R2F, and Gravity Perseus D125R2F.

For our subject Metal Fury customs, we'll be testing each wheel at a height of 145, and a height of 130. We'll be using S130 for the 130 height all around, and R145 all around, except for Beat, with which we will be using H145 (which is actually far better than GB145 from my testing). We'll have:

MF-H Beath Lynx H145/S130R2F
MF-H Variares R145/S130R2F
MF-H Cosmic Unicorno II R145/S130R2F
MF-H Blitz Unicorno II R145/S130R2F

Let the testing begin!



Average win rate: 39.17%

Variares Testing:

Average win rate: 10%

Blitz Testing:

Average win rate: 21.25%

Cosmic Testing:

Average win rate: 40.78%

Beat testing:

Average win rate: 38.3%

Well, that's it folks! My final conclusion:

Beat/Gravity/Cosmic > Blitz > Variares

Variares turned out to be quite terrible, which I honestly couldn't believe when I first tested it. I was really expecting a huge success, but, unfortunately, its 4D counterpart is miles ahead.

Cosmic is awesoem! I love it. It has excellent win rates against normal height customs. Not very effective against taller customizations, but its crazy win rates against 145-height Defense put it ahead of the pack as far as I'm concerned. Plus, it completely POUNDS THE GRAVEL out of LTDC's!

Blitz... eh. Decent. Not very effective against taller customs, but win rates on par with Gravity against mid-height. I'd use Gravity for its dual-rotation feature and its relative effectiveness against taller opponents.

Beat. Oh my goodness Beat. This thing is a monster. absurd win rates against mid-height customs, above-average win rates against Taller customs. On H145, Beat is a very, very impressive wheel.

That about sums it up! TEST PEOPLE! These wheels are among the only parts released that are almost completely unexplored. If these tests are accurate, I think we'll start to see some Beat and Cosmic coming out in competition.

Thanks for reading!
Would anyone be willing to try Beat with 85/90 RF/R2F?
Just for the sake of seeing how it'd do.
Yes, I can, but against what? And instead of CS, can I use RSF?
Against any standard Defender, with a benchmark with Gravity preferably. Lightning will do if you don't have Gravity.
Try Variares in left spin. It should destroy Earth TH220CS.
PHENOMENAL!! This is exactly what is needed right now, this is fantastic stuff!! I am soooooo happy to see this, and I'll be joining you in this adventure as soon as my finals are done (meaning after Friday) Grin
Nice tests, and they might shut up some of the people whining about defence being too weak, even, seeing as those are far from the best defence customs in the format. Thanks a lot!
Wait...... you should use TH170 as in the Cosmic Discussion. It koed duo ( takara)
I agree with trying TH170, at least on jade and cosmic (also tbd I assume you don't have Jade?)
S130 is probably not the best track though I guess it might work on the taller wheels generally it doesn't make reliable contact with many of the less overhanging or raised metal wheels on 230 reliably enough. GB145 seems better to me than h145 perhaps barring LTDC opponents. Speaking of which, are you able to test the 145 height variants of the better two wheels against LTDC? The thread I made has a launch strength tip that will probably help if you do. Testing cosmic th170r2f against it would be cool. Too it may sound selfish but that LTDC should be one of the major defense customs in limited so the data would be useful in general. No pressure though.
Haha, for years I was building up on my MFB's, Metal Fury's. Now, now I got use for em'! I'm ready to test! Just give me requests.

I'll do TheBlackDragon's testings again.
I'll have loads of new tests up by tonight. Cosmic TH170 to if I have the chance. I'll test Cosmic and Beat vs. Earth 85RSF, and, if I have the time, GB145RF.

: I actually already tried. :\ It kinda got wrecked. XD I don't know why it wasn't able to OS (maybe it was something about the Bottoms I was using), but Variares couldn't handle anything in left-spin. Right-spin, for the smallest bit that it's worth, worked better than left-spin for the most part.

I might try it if I have some extra time, though.

EDIT: Oh yah, about Jade, I do own it. However, I've tested it before, and its recoil is unspeakably horrendous. Confused Earth kicks it around like a soccer ball without even moving.

I'll try to get a few rounds done, but I wouldn't expect a great performance.
Oh no rush on jade then, if that's the case. A set of tests to confirm it when you are done with more promising things would be nice just so it can be crossed off the list for good but yeah, certainly no hurry especially with cosmic and beat putting up those rather imposing numbers.
Fake tests (Click to View)
WBO Committee: It was recently brought to our attention that all tests by Crescent in this topic are fabricated. We urge you to forget their results and that someone trustworthy conduct the actual tests for the sake of this metagame.
Whoa, does Beat on TH170 seriously reach down to Earth on 85!? That's crazy! (gosh dang I need a Beat to test with lol)

Jade definitely needs testing (I'd do it, but I can't find them anywhere anymore lol). I got a chance to talk to KainHighwind and told him about Limited, and the very first thing he said was to try Jade TH170RF, haha! He said that based on his really old tests, Jade should have a ton of potential in this format, so it's worth looking into Grin

Also, I love this thread series and want it to continue, but don't forget about making discussion threads for parts as well! I think we should use this series as a way to determine which parts need threads the most; for example, thanks to the test results from this thread, it looks like the following threads would be helpful for more focused conversation:
  • "[LTD] Beat (Metal Fury) Discussion"
  • "[LTD] Cosmic (Metal Fury) Discussion"
(Note: I'm recommending the threads have [LTD] prefixes so that it's clear the discussion is for Limited since threads like these might already exist)
(Note 2: Remember, if you are interested in making one of these threads, you need to have test results to put in the OP to lead discussion!)
We could also make threads for Blitz and VariAres I suppose, but from the test results in here it looks like those would be second priority. Based on what test results come in for Jade, that might be a good thread to make too!

TheBlackDragon, you should totally make some of these since you have some tests in here to start discussion with Grin
Okay those are some extremely worrying results - I like attack being worth using but if that is representative the meta game will just consist of beat - if duo can handle it it will likely also wreck every other attack type. I'm probably being a bit dramatic, but those numbers are scary. How hard were you launching earth? ie how much was it moving? Also could you provide a benchmark for comparison?
Some times my Earth would stay still, but for most it moved. Most I ripped my hardest, I think 1-2 where a little weak. I might redo these tests again, just too confirm myself.

On the 85 Combo; my Beat got a bank. One time it tilted low thatt's how I KO'ed it. But I was like *Gasp* when I saw this Beat combo.

Ingulit, would you mind if I make the "Beat" thread?



What type of benchmarks? Sorry, I'm new to this, haha.
If you check out my earth 85rsf thread, I found it benefits from not being launched so hard it moves too much. There's an explanation in there of how much movement you should be going for. I'd really appreciate if you could give that a shot, as in addition to being useful info on beat it also gives me more info on my theory.
(Dec. 05, 2013  7:45 PM)Galaxy Blade Wrote: [ -> ]Ingulit, would you mind if I make the "Beat" thread?

As long as you have test results that's fine! Anyone can make discussion threads as long as they have a good number of tests to start discussion off with Grin
Ah, that might be why I got higher test results.

Yes, I'll try do them with what you said, thanks for the info.
Can't wait for Stamina and Defense! H Proto really needs to be tested.
Shouldn't hasbro proto have been tested under attack? Seeing as it has to much recoil for anything else.....
Ok guys, I got tests for Beat/Cosmic against Earth Aquario 85RSF. I'll post them as soon as I can.

I also had another idea. Testing Cosmic S130, though it didn't get very far, it was landing some pretty clean hits. I decided to take the lower height to the next level, so I tried CH120, theorizing that the custom would be able to handle mid-height combos at a 145 height. It worked phenomenally.

So phenomenally, in fact, that we have a problem... I'm done testing for a while. In round 16, Cosmic landed a clean, hard, skyrocketting KO that sent Earth across the room...

...And reigned down shards of metal. It shattered the interior of my Earth wheel to pieces.

That's a serious setback. I'm gonna try to find a cheap Earth wheel somewhere, but it looks like you guys are gonna have to do the rest of the testing. :\ Unfortunately I never got to any formal testing with Cosmic or Beat on TH170, but the results on the last page are seriously conflicting with my informal experience.

Cosmic TH170 will do decent against 85-height Defense, but Beat hitting 70% isn't gonna happen without some freak accident. I would guess around 20% at the most. Something weird happened there.

I also got to some informal testing of Jade TH170. Not to clash with Kain's opinion or anything, but, uh... it was a complete and utter failure. Confused It did worse than Fang. Earth GB145 was getting like a 70% KO rate. The thing has very little smash, and the small amount it does have is completely nullified by how horrendous its recoil is.

That said, we've got quite a load of test results in the OP right now. We should only need a few more aside from confirmation, but I can't do any of them. Unhappy
(Dec. 05, 2013  3:58 AM)Leone19 Wrote: [ -> ]Would anyone be willing to try Beat with 85/90 R2F
Just for the sake of seeing how it'd do.
Fake tests (Click to View)
WBO Committee: It was recently brought to our attention that all tests by Crescent in this topic are fabricated. We urge you to forget their results and that someone trustworthy conduct the actual tests for the sake of this metagame.
(Dec. 05, 2013  9:59 PM)Galaxy Blade Wrote: [ -> ]Redon the tests with Beat:

Beat: 8/20
Earth: 12/20

Beat win rate: 45%

Yeah, I done what Th!nk said. He was right; A week shoot is better.

Leone19 I've done what you asked:

Wow, that's not too bad. Maybe my (ignored, haha) low track combo for Beat is a keeper. Tongue_out

Thanks, Galaxy Blade.
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