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Full Version: MFB: Limited :: Primer, Random Thoughts, and Q&A Thread!
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Wait... what?

Pegasis is amazing. Most, if not all of those customs it was tested against are certainly competitive combinations, not to mention Tri made a similar thread and posted several sets of results there. Pegasis has quite a bit of testing (and a good word from th!nk, which by itself, for good reason, is half of what a custom needs in this sub-forum to be considered competitive, LOL).

It makes short work of mid-height defenders in general, and turns LTDC into a smoking heap within seconds. Not super great against 230 opponents, but definitely applicable nonetheless (keep in mind I'm talking about the CH120 variant here - haven't tested much besides that myself, so there could be another Track more suited to taking on 230 that I'm unaware of (though I'd expect R145 to do slightly better)).

Pegasis rocks.
I wasn't saying it was bad by any means, just wondering if it needed more tests, but I think you got your point across quite effectively, haha.
There are a lot of extraneous combinations on there tbh, Pegasis is great but there really isn't any reason to use it on 85 when it's better against LTSC using its underside. A lot of the tips/tracks need a cleanup esp. on Duo stamina, and gravity spin steal isn't relevant any more etc etc etc. Needs work still basically. Appreciate the effort both of you have put into it though, don't get me wrong, just not feeling great today.
I wasn't sure about Peggy 85 so I just left it,. Thinking "heck, if it shouldn't be there Th!nk or TBD will correct it." XD . (PS: while editing the post I noticed SD/D on Burn W145. Whoops, fixed.

Gravity is fine for benchmark and testing, so I left it marked it red.
I don't have time to run through and do a lengthy set of corrections right now is the thing. Dunno about TBD.

The gravity being fine to test with thing was really only about it as an attack wheel, where it isn't particularly overpowered/unique for testing. Tests against gravity spin-stealers/balance aren't useful as what we currently have are less effective in basically every way.
I see, I'll remove Gravity BGrin and Gravity GCF/CF
NO, NO, NO, NO and I mean NO!. I thought I told you th!nk I was working on an update for it not that long ago.

Anyway, please try not to, as I've put alot of work into mine and I've tested everything on that list so It'll be easier for me to confirm what I've done.

Oh and BTW TLK, that list you have was made about 1-2 after Limited. So it would need alot of editing, haha.
That was only because I thought you would be disappearing for a time and thus likely abandoning that. That said, I would say you're probably being a bit hard on TLK here man, he's doing his best.
(Mar. 12, 2014  9:28 AM)The Alchemist Wrote: [ -> ]NO, NO, NO, NO and I mean NO!.

Was this necessary? I didn't know. Your on and off with the WBO (last I heard you were gone.) so I was trying to help keep things with limited moving.
I'm sorry, but th!nk knows why I left and it's a pretty darn good reason. I didn't mean to sound rude. I know you're trying your best to keep things going dude, I respect that you're helping Limited dude, I'm sorry. I'm gonna post my draft later and go over a few things. It's quite like yours, but with minor edits. Sorry again dude. Didn't mean to sound rude. BTW, that NO NO NO thing was meant to be one of those joke things.
I'm not criticizing nor asking why you left, I was just saying that a lot of people don't know if your still helping with limited or gone.

Anyways, let's get back on topic.
Are we aloud using diablo nemesis's spin track / Performance tip?
(Mar. 13, 2014  8:51 PM)Peece_2012 Wrote: [ -> ]Are we aloud using diablo nemesis's spin track / Performance tip?

Yes, you are.
Between Omega Horuseus 85R2F and Shinobi Wyvang R145R2F, which bey would be a better attacking bey for all matchups. (against low, mid, and high tracks) since I choose not to guess what my opponent will be using.
Definitely Omega I'd say.
Actually, I'd say Shinobi Wyvang; It compaired to Omega (from my testing) did way better. Shinobi Wyvang had more smash.
Like most things, it depends what they're up against. Wyvang is better against tall opponents and also a bit better against libra anti-attack. Omega is better against low track defense and Scythe 145-height defense.

Basically, wyvang is more reliable if you're facing a lot of 230. Omega is a lot better against low track defense and if you're good with attack this means given how relatively not-great 230 defense is against most attack types, it's probably going to be a bit harder for people to deal with on the spot in a tournament situation.
So would the win chance of Shinobi WyvangR145R2F against low tracks be higher than the win chance of Omega Horuseus85R2F against high tracks?
(Mar. 14, 2014  8:50 PM)TylerPT Wrote: [ -> ]So would the win chance of Shinobi WyvangR145R2F against low tracks be higher than the win chance of Omega Horuseus85R2F against high tracks?

Probably not. But that is meaningless if you face a lot of high tracks and not many low tracks.

Of course then there's Pegasis, which is kinda recoil prone and explosive but can handle basically any height defense custom pretty handily. Libra LTDC and Scythe R145RB are more problematic than most things for it, so personally I am currently tempted to go with a MF-H Pegasis/Libra CH120RF + MF-H Omega Kerbecs 85RF and probably a stamina/balance custom for backup for my next tournament, though that's probably a little bit crazy even with how handy I am with an RF these days.
Thought I'd try... I've listed stuff that I found was worth it.

I wanted to have a word with TLK about this, but I can't as I'm on the ignore list, hah.

Anyway, suggestions would be nice.

Looks nice to me.

Don't want to start an argument or anything, but should WD be added to Meteo CH120, just for the sake of having a sub for EWD?

It has worked fine for me in the past and at times I prefer it.

Other than that, it looks pretty nice.

It's precision is worse and it doesn't have enough LAD. That is why Girago Dragooon SA165WD isn't top tier in standard. W2D would be better but even W2D isn't good enough.
Eh, it's worked for me, but if the consensus is no, then it's fine, haha.

Again, other than that, it looks like a pretty accurate list.
1. 85 shouldn't be in Pegasis.
2. Has there been any testing on duo TH170?
3. Why 85/90 on scythe defence ? It's is not moveable and seems pretty recoil-y to me.
1. Actually, 85 worked OK on Pegasis for me. It's a decent choice if you don't have CH120.
2. Yes, I've tested Duo TH170 and it seemed to work quite fine, actually.
3. Um... I'm pretty sure it's good. Heck, Scythe 85/90 defense done good for me. They are a few recoil problems, but not as much as you'd think.
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