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Full Version: Engine Launcher [Idea] [WIP]
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Well, I have not really had anything to do with beyblades since about a year or two ago. The other day I was at radio shack and got a $3.00 engine (8900RPM) and a double AA battery holder and hooked it up to a plastic launcher.

To my surprise the cheap little engine could spin it near full speed. Then that got me thinking, so I found a cheap (battery powered) blender, nothing as powerfull as one plugged into a wall, and tryed that. Worked awesomely. But I'm still working on a way to launch it off the launcher, it tends to stick, since I changed it and it does not drop down.

My plan is to eventually hook up a small 34000 RPM engine up I've got laying around. However, I'd like to get all this stuff figured out. Any help or ideas are welcome.

Don't ask why I'm doing this, I think its out of boredom recently... Gotta keep yourself busy right? :]

Here is a picture of the blender launcher.
How do you get the spinning to cease rapidly? Considering that's what's going to disengage the blade from the launcher.
34,000. Your gonna kill your self or the blade will just break.
Holy carp, if you do that it will be like the episode where Tyson first got Dragoon MS O_O
I did something very similar several years ago using a small servo motor.