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Full Version: [Sold like a while ago ^^;] Everything must go!~
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I am trying to get rid of all my Hasbro Beyblade stuff so PM me about what parts you might want and we can work something out.
If you want tips and/or tracks to these Beys I can throw those in as well for a bit more.

Tracks and Tips:

If you have questions about any parts feel free to ask.

Also I saved the sticker sheet from Wing Pegasus 90WF if anyone wanted to buy it.

Also PM me to work out any details if you are interested in buying.

I will only sell to those with Paypal as I'm trying to get internet funds to help out with other things.
I like how it's on imgur. Good man.
I...think I can bump now so like ya know. Bump.
out of curiosity if you havent sold yet... what kind of price do you have in mind for each bey and do you have a price for all of them together? what sort of payment method would you be looking for? please pm me if you have an answer
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Unless it's my phone your picture says its not available?
Do you have twisted tempo?
Yes your picture link is broken.
Terribly sorry. I'll fix it now. Also got a few new things so I'll be updating the OP.
He much are you asking for the items? And how do you want to paid? You might want to put that in the OP