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Full Version: Out of the Box Standard Beyblades
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I know this is the combinations and customizations forum but I was wondering if someone would make a thread about indepth performance of the beys you buy. As in what you get when you buy a new beyblade? Like standard Big Bang Pegasis FGrin or Earth Aquila 145WD for example. Some people may buy beyblades for the collection rather than the meta game but don't you think if they don't want to do combinations they should know what their standard beys do when it comes to performance? I know the parts list in the Beywiki describe everything but it can be hard to do the combinations in your head when you add up what each bey part of the standard out of the box bey does for the bey as a whole.

This thread could be of some help, I believe.
Well, we have a "Best Out of the Box Beyblades" topic in the Beyblade Customizations forum, but you should really read all the articles on Beywiki, because describing what each part does to Beyblades is exactly what we excel at and most of what we know is on Beywiki.