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Full Version: i need a combo again!
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i need something that i can build out of the l-drago piece set

i already have it

so i need a good combo out of it

i have
2meteo wheels
energy ring :
l-drago rush, assult, absorb
face bolt :
all 3 of his face bolts
and metal face bolts
Spin track :
lw105, df105, 85, 105, and 125
performance tips :
lf, lrf, xf, rf, sf

well, everything i have is in the link i provided just scroll down and youll see everything i have

build the best combo!!
that is unbeatable and can absorb about anything!
Eee Chocked_2 Cute
This belongs in the build me a combo #2 thread.
I think you should try post in "Build me a Combo #2" Wink

You made a thread like this before, you got told to use "Build me a Combo #2"