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Full Version: Phantom (Stamina) leone f230 wd
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Hi me and DRAGON KING just found a really good stamina bey: Phantom stamina mode leone f230 wd.
These are the results:

Phantom leone f230 wd vs earth orion a230 d

Phantom leone f230 we vs ray pegasus e230 es

Phantom leone f230 wd vs sol blaze v145 as

Phantom leone f230 wd vs thermal pisces t125 es

I did the testing DRAGON KING gave me the idea

Equipment used:black launcher grip and a string launcher

If you want more testing please post or PM me.
Well, there are some problems.

- All tests need to be out of 20 rounds in the BB-10 or Zero-G stadium. Equipment must be listed. You need to be specific; was it 4 OS's or KO's?
- You need to test against top-tier combos. All of the beys you tested against are very outclassed/not too good.

If you're going for Stamina, try Cancer, as it's better than Leone. (Phantom Cancer 230 D, used to be Top-Tier) I know 230 on WD has Balance issues, I'd assume that goes with F230. Tongue_out
Sorry but I don't have a cancer energy ring so the best substitute is leone
And sorry for the errors I posted very quickly I will fix it now.
Oh my goodness... earth testing LOL! XD

But yah... F230WD has already proven useless, and Phantom 230 was deemed to risky and is no longer on the competitive list. Unhappy
Post if you want more tests as it will improve results.
It could use some testing with attack based combos try it with flash Orion/Cetus s130/gb145rf/r2f
Sorry but the only parts that I have that you listed before are orion and r2f
Use fang and ch120 then. Does anybody wanna try testing with a flash combo?
I only have fang
Use r145 if u don't have it use 105/100/90/85
I have to admit, the combo could be good, but it was tested against bad beys.
Ok I wil post the results and do the battle later today
Not to be rude at all, but id you ignore theblackdragon's and my post? You need 20 rounds... and this combo is pretty outclassed, against today's meta. Tongue_out
I know it's outclassed but I have very few top tier parts
I will make a better combo when I buy better stuff it will be soon
If you don't have top-tier parts to test against, and, do 20 rounds, you can't post this.

Read Leone19's post and TBD.

I don't mean to be rude. It maybe good if you do top-tier testing.
Ok I am very sorry I will test it against top tier beys and post results
Today but later like around 4 hours.
It's OK, It would be nice if you could do that thanks.

EDIT: I heard WD doesn't do good on F230. Also this is just like Phantom Cancer 230 D.
You need at least 20 rounds for each test, and the tests need to be against customs on the current competitive list so we know how this would perform in the current metagame. I'm gonna go on ahead and close this, but if you get some tests against current top-tier Beyblades then you can post this again if the tests turn out good.