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Full Version: my own costom beyblade ternament
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hello everyone,i can't post in my thread or modify it. so for round 1 we have
Quote: dragon king vs x kai dranzer.
diblee 123 vs lazer madness vs ryukiba [/quote] midnightlwbo vs galaxy blade
Quote: so this is round 1, and since tormorow is the 17th, i can only do round 1, then on the 20th will be the semi final's , then on the 22nd, will be the final battle so go check tormorow, and i hope you like my ternament, thanks bladery66.Wink
You need to ask insomniac. before you do any sort of beyblade tournament in the YC forums. Your thread was probably closed because you didn't have permission, please don't create a new thread for something that has already been closed- that's considered spam.