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Full Version: who wins that blader or that one.
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first this is a contest with no prize just for fun to guess who wins in funnyist to best ect..

and is updated each day.

today is with one can eat more hambugers binka or ginga. binka eats the most hambugers.

post a replay to guess who wins.

At the end of the day i will tell you with one it is.

at around 8:00 pmi will tell you who it is.

at the morning when I get up and I will tell the challenge...
the answer i probaly benkei cause he has a larger stomach but in the end isnt based on your own opinion?
There already is a "Who vs Who" thread.

You really need to stop making so many new threads. Tongue_out
Generally, game topics are not allowed here since it creates too much SPAM.