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Full Version: Subbed Anime or Dubbed Anime?
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I never, ever, watch dub anymore. About 4 months ago I stoped. I found subbed to have way better lines and stay true to there character. I'd say more, but I guess you know what I'd say.

Depends on the show. I generally like subs because a lot of the VAs in English dubs don't sound true to their character imo. At the same time, I've seen a few dubs that surpassed the subbed version, so I generally check to see if they're on youtube or something first, just to check it out.
do you mean all Japenese anime or just the beyblade anime? I like subbed so I can know what they orginally said...
I like dubbed cause sometimes the subs go by so fast that I can only read half
Lazer, I mean any anime. Also you right, It's really on the show some subbed are good and some dubbed is good
yeah for example if you read the sub's of the beyblade 4D anime you'll see that ryuga cusses... but in the dubbed version nevelna and hasbro would never have ryuga say that...
kyoya and benkai cuss to
really? no not Kenta he was so cute and innosent he was my #1 avatar until I found one with Tithi... anyway I dubbed on most almost all animes cause it's basically watching a tv show with closed caption on... the subtitles sometimes are hard to read and take your attention from whats really going on...
i said kyoya not kenta
oh I guess I misread that hehe...
haha i cant even imagine kenta witha potty mouth
After learning some Japanese, I have been able to watch some episode is certain anime raw. But I always watch sub other than that because I find the voice of the character true to the emotion. Also the dbbed version sounda a little weird sometimes...
I think the subbed anime is way better, because in the dubbed version they changed so many dialogues and did an awful lot of censoring...
I'd say it depends on the Anime. Sometimes, the dub is good if it's the uncut version. Dragon Ball Z (Kai), for example.
(Feb. 03, 2014  7:17 PM)Leone19 Wrote: [ -> ]I'd say it depends on the Anime. Sometimes, the dub is good if it's the uncut version. Dragon Ball Z (Kai), for example.

Yeah sometimes, but most animes I used to watch (such as beyblade, yu-gi-oh! / GX...) have been terribly cut Chocked_2