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Full Version: beyblade on netflix
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hello every one, i jist wanted to tell all of you that on the kids netflix, there is beyblade on it, i just found out today, they have beyblade metal fusion, metal masters, and metal fury, it was shocking because beyblade was never on netflix. fist i saw beyblade metal fusion, i was excited about that, but then, after a few hours of watching metal fusion episodes, i auctally the two other season's which was metal masters and metal fury, i was so shocked and so happy, thank goodness my mom told me about beyblade on netflix, because without her i wounld't of found beyblade on netflix, and by the way, the netflix i'm talking about is the canadian one, i don't know if the american netflix has it, but i do know that the canadian one has it, and i got this netflix from the ps3, so if any of you have the canadian netflix, go to the kids netklix and you will find them all in the recently added section, and only beyblade metal fusion in the anime section, and i hope you guys like the episodes and i also hope you like this topic, this is my first thread so correct me if i made a mistake.
yeah I saw that Smile and I'm so lucky that we get to watch netflix on are wii Smile we have a 50" flat-screen tv Smile
i actally think that beyblade just got on the canadian netflix because people really wanted beyblade on netflix, so then netflix just recently put beyblade on netflix.
XD you guys late Because Beyblade g-revolution movie was up there about the dark and light bit beast It was good but its not up on the Netflix You have to order it now.
Finally they add all three seasons of beyblade on Netflix! Took them long enough!XD they also added Beywheelz which is pretty cool too
aw yeah i told tally forgot about beywheels on the kids canadian netflix as well.
yeah as soon as we got netflix on my wii I saw beyblade I was so happy all three seasons plus beywheelz no more searching on youtube yeaaah Smile
yeah it's great i don't have to watch beyblade metal fusion, metal masters,metal fury and beywheelz on youtube anymore, i can just go on netflix and watch what ever i want on beyblade and beywheelz. And on youtube it has alot of giga bites on it, so netflix is way better plus i have a really big sreen, so it's awsome.
just like me but I betit's not a 50" flat screen tv like mine XD anyway I searched all over youtube for beyblade 4d but thanks to netflix no more of that Smile
guys here is the bad news, the only bad thing about netflix is that, netflix gets expired dates for eveything so if watch a episode every day of beyblade or beywheelz, then it will get too old and it will expire, so what i mean by that is for example: there is 51 eoisodes for beyblade metal fusion, beyblade metal masters has 51 episodes, beyblade metal fury has 38 episodes, and beywheelz has 13 episodes, so that means when you add them all up the total makes 153, so you would watch them all in 153 days and the problem with that is that it might get a expire date and you might not be able to watch all the beyblade and beywheelz episodes, then you will to go to youtube or a site that has stuff to watch on it.