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Full Version: Pegasis Leone Rev-Up Launcher VS Set
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Big Bang Pegasis F: D Red Ver. (normal coloured Face Bolt, translucent red Pegasis III, black PC Frame, red Metal Frame, red Core, dark blue F: D)
Fang Leone 130W²D Black Ver. (new Face Bolt, translucent black Leone II with red highlights, grey Metal Frame with red highlights, grey Core, grey 130, grey W²D)
White Rev Up Launcher
Black Rev Up Launcher
Blue Pegasis Stadium (BB-10)

Overall: This set, does not really help with today's meta-game. Big Bang Pegasis and Fang Leone are outclassed, Fang has too much recoil, to make it a top-tier Beyblade. it had a combo that used: MF Fang Leone (Counter Mode) S130RF. Fang has great attack capability, but suffers from horrible recoil. Big Bang Pegasis, has no use in today's meta-game, it's heavily outclassed. it was never made top-tier. It did have a combo it used: MF Big Bang (Barrage Mode) Pegasis III TH170(220 height)RF.Big Bang has been proven to have decent Attack power when paired with the TH170 track at 220 height, producing the combo. This set has a blue Attack Type Stadium BB-10, which is good for MFB beyblades. The Rev Up Launcher is a special version of the String Launcher, it's used by pulling the string while the 3, 2, 1 countdown, and then pushing the release button. If you use it too much it will break. The Rev Up Launcher was originally a Hasbro exclusive Launcher, but in late 2011, TAKARA-TOMY released this set to Hong Kong only. Overall This Set only be purchased for collection purposes only.

in the overall section change Big Bang Pegasis and Fang leone is outclassed to are outclassed Smile and a lot more grammatical and spelling errors in the overall section... such as *If using it to much it wil break*...
Updated: Done more edits. Its not really, got that many things wrong with it i know all my spelling is right, but i did see some grammer mistakes, thanks.