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Full Version: Student Council
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So, I was voted to be the secretary of my freshman class last year. I made this thread to see if anyone else is in student council!

What you can post ...

-Ideas to make money for your class.
-Fun ideas for homecoming, prom, etc.
-what position you are in your student council (President, Treasurer, etc.).
-Anything else student council related.

Next week, which is the week of homecoming, we are doing dress up days for each day of the week. I know Monday is pirate vs. ninja day where you dress up like one if those two. I can't remember the rest. I volunteered to be working the concession at the homecoming dance when I heard my other friend in student council also volunteered.

Living in quite a small and going to a very poor school, we need to do as many things as possible to raise money for our class. We made $100+ at a cross country meet selling water, pop, and snacks (and this was an away meet XD).

So post away Smile