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Full Version: BEYBLADE Unreleased Music (2001-2004)
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[/align]I'm on a mission....the mission is to restore tracks that were unreleased in the first 3 bakuten shoot episodes.

Still in progress.

Also I can't seem to log into my old WBO account.
One thing you might want to look into is getting the G-Revolution DVDs. They have pieces of the dub's background music used throughout the DVD menus. I'd rip them myself, but I'm lazy and only own volumes 2 and 3.

The first song in the video is pretty good, but ripping the overs could use some work. Ripping out and splicing songs from episodes can be tricky though!
Hmm, thanks for the info, I'll see what I can find
The best theme In beyblade IMO, I have around 5 rips of this, so editing the small SFX from this will be easy.

I'm guessing nobody cares but here is more stuff
I know that nobody here cares but here is another rip.
Where's that really goofy soundtrack? If you know which one I mean
nah dude i care keep making more man,

Ripped from the G-revolution Vol 3 dvd
hey ! these are good .. nice work
Oh man, a friend and I were blading to these the other day, some of beyblade's background music is super neat, so thanks a bunch for this.

By the way, if you still remember the name of your old account, PM Kai-V and she will probably be able to help you out.