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Full Version: Hell Crown 130FB
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I figured this bey needed an article as well, as it appeared in the anime and stuff like that. Just to let you know, I getting all of the other stuff from more experienced people. It's not plagiarism, it's a guide. Certain information like weight, width, and the item number, were from DrIgErGt2, and AkirasDaddy.

| image = HellCrown.jpg
| full item name = Hell Crown 130FB
| item number = BB-116
| beyblade system = = [[Metal Fight Beyblade#Hybrid Wheel System | Hybrid Wheel System]]
| beyblade type = [[Attack]]


'''Note:''' Hell Crown was released in the Random Booster Vol.8 Jade Jupiter

*'''Weight:''' 1.07 grams
The Crown face depicts Corona Borealis, one of the 88 constellations in space. The face illustrates a queen's crown, seemingly made of vines, with a eye in the middle. The illustration is on a yellow background

==Clear Wheel:Crown==
*'''Weight:''' 2.58 grams
Similar to the Crown face bolt, Crown has crown-like designs. On each side of the clear wheel, there are three detailed spikes, which gives off the impression of a crown. Within the spikes, there is a pearl like protrusion going upwards. On the other sides, there is more crown-like designs.

==Metal Wheel:Hell==
{| class="wikitable"
|<font size="1"><b>Weight:</b></font>
|<font size="1">39.94 grams</font>
|<font size="1"><b>Full Width:</b></font>
|<font size="1">49 mm</font>
Hell was first released in a radiant gold colour. As a part of the Maximum Series, it had the largest diameter of any Metal Wheel ever released. However, Big Bang has since been shown to have an equal diameter.

Hell is split into three different wings which are shaped to represent the Three-Headed Dog, Kerberos, and between each of them is a large gap allowing BD145's protrusions (while in Boost Mode) to point upwards past the bottom of the Metal Wheel. On the side of each wing are four indents which, in addition to the end of each wing which ends in a pointed "head" for Smash Attack, increase Hell's Attack capabilities. Due to its heavy weight, its relatively high recoil is lessened by a significant amount and because of this, as listed above, in combination with BD145 (Boost Mode) it can be used effectively in Stamina customs.

*'''Weight:''' 1.27 grams
The 130 track is simply a non-gimmicked middle height track. It doesn't add much in defense, attack, or stamina. It is outclassed by it's variant, S130, because S130 is viable in terms of attack.

*'''Weight:''' 0.61 grams
FB, similar to FS and DS, is a combination between two performance tips. It outclasses FS because it offers more defense, and is overall more useful. FB is a fusion between WF and B/WB. The ball is more of a rounded surface. While it does not offer much speed like RF or R2F, it is an alternative to MF, because it has just about the same amount of stamina.

==Other Versions==

*'''Divine Crown TR145D''' - BB-116 Random Booster Vol.8 Jade Jupiter (Yellow translucent clear wheel)



Hell Crown's parts are currently outclassed, with the exception of FB. Hell as now is outclassed by Flash, Balro, Girago, and Wyvang in terms of attack, and is outclassed by Phantom, Duo, and Genbull in terms of stamina. Crown has no real use, and 130 is also useless. While FB can be considered as an alternative, since Hasbro released Forbidden Ionis ED145FB, FB as of now is more easily obtainable. In conclusion, there is no reason to buy this Beyblade outside of collection purposes.
Did you actually write this? If so it's pretty good.
(Aug. 28, 2013  1:47 PM)AZL Wrote: [ -> ]Did you actually write this? If so it's pretty good.

You actually think it's good?! Thank you so much. I wrote the Crown face bolt, the Crown clear wheel, 130, and FB. I got Hell from the Beywiki. As I said, thank you so much!!![/i]
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Is there anything else I need to change?
Actually FB does have a lot of speed. And yea thats about it. I love FB <3
I like FB as well. Any more errors
Instead of saying, "Hell Crown is full of as of now useless parts", wouldn't saying, "All of its parts are currently outclassed", sound better? (Grammatically)
Sounds good, I shall put it in. Anything else(to be honest, I thought this thread was going to fall)
Also, for talking about how Hell/Hades is outclassed, I'd say use some put in some Stamina wheels, such as Phantom and Duo, (either instead or in addition to Attack), since Stamina was one of Hell's best features.

I noticed throughout the conclusion, you kept going between Hell and Hades, you should probably just stick with Hell. Tongue_out

I'm not sure if you should add in that this was not released by Hasbro, but Divine Crown was. Tongue_out
Made the edits, and no Leone19, i don't have to added Divine Crown, because even though it has the same chrome wheel, it has nothing to with the bey.