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Full Version: Metal Dranzer
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Metal Dranzer
Type - Attack
System - 5 Layer

Attack Ring (AR): Scissor Attacker
Scissor Attacker is a very small and compact Attack Ring. It has three small attack points that provide some Smash Attack while in Right Spin, but at the same time it is very recoil prone and the Smash Attack that is created is very mediocre compared to other top tier Attack Rings used for Smash Attack. Typically, Scissor Attacker is an Attack Ring to avoid for Right Spin, however, it is a very versatile Attack Ring for different Left Spin Customizations. Not only is Scissor Attacker small and compact, but it also has a rounded design to it, which makes it a top tier Attack Ring for Left Spin Compact and Zombie Customizations. When used in Left Spin for Compact and Zombies, Scissor Attacker performs better than popular Attack Rings such as Driger S's Tiger Defenser and Galeon's War Lion. The one Attack Ring that is considered better for those two types of customs is the elusive Gabriel's Twin Horn Attack Ring. One flaw that Scissor Attacker does face though, is that it was designed with the outer part of it being somewhat elevated. It resembles that of an Attack Ring with a Sub-Attack Ring such as Galeon's War Lion or Galzzly's War Bear. While this makes Scissor Attacker prone to Upper Attack, this also creates the possibility of other Attack types being able to get underneath it and deliver critical hits. Fortunately though, this is not a very common occurrence since the front part of Scissor Attacker is blocked. While this may sound like a reason not to use Scissor Attacker, this little flaw is nullified by the Weight Disk, which will block off these elevated parts of the Attack Ring.

Use in Compact Customizations
Due to Scissor Attacker's small, compact design, it can serve as a great AR in Left Spin Compact Customizations, outperforming the likes of Driger S's Tiger Defenser.

AR: Scissor Attacker
WD: Ten Heavy
SG: Neo Left Spin Gear (Heavy Metal Core) (Takara Metal Driger)
SP: Defense Ring (Voltaic Ape)
BB: Customize Metal Change Base (Driger V2)

Use in Zombie Customizations
Due to the rounded shape of Scissor Attacker, combined with it's size and compact design, it found some competitive uses in Zombie Customizations.

AR: Scissor Attacker
WD: Wide Survivor
SG: Left SG (Bearing Version) (Wolborg)
SG Shaft: Bearing Base (Metal Dragoon Bearing Stinger)
BB: Defense Grip Base 2

Use in Defensive Zombie Customizations
As it was mentioned for Scissor Attackers use in Zombie Customizations, it is also viable in Defensive Zombies as well.

AR: Scissor Attacker
WD: Wide Defense
SG: Neo Left (Double Bearing Version) (Burning Kerberous)
SG Shaft: Bearing Version 2 (Wolborg 2)
SP: Defense Ring (Voltaic Ape)
BB: Customize Grip Base (Dragoon V2)

Use in Smash Attack Customizations
While it is not an ideal choice for Smash Attack, Scissor Attacker can be used if something better is not available. If using Scissor Attacker for Smash Attack, a Ten Wide Weight Disk is required as using a Wide Defense or Wide Survivor will result in none of the contact points being exposed, which will result in producing no Smash Attack.

AR: Scissor Attacker
WD: Ten Wide
SG: Neo Right Spin Gear
BB: Grip Base (Dragoon Grip Attacker)

Weight Disk (WD): Ten Balance
See Ten Balance.

Spin Gear (SG): Neo Right Spin Gear (South Magnecore Version)
See Neo Right SG (South Core Version)

Blade Base (BB): SG Flat Base
See SG Flat Base.

Other Versions:


Metal Dranzer is a good buy and can serve as a fairly decent out of the box Beyblade as well, though not recommended for competitive play. Metal Dranzer comes with Scissor Attacker, a top tier AR for Zombie and Left Spin Compact Customizations. While there are a handful of Attack Ring's that can fill both of those roles and more such as Driger S's Tiger Defenser, Scissor Attacker has proven that it still holds it's position in competitive play. While Metal Dranzer does provide useful parts, Scissor Attacker being a true gem, other Beyblades such as Driger S or Galeon are recommended for purchase over it. Driger S's Tiger Defenser and Galeon's War Lion may be outperformed in Left Spin by Scissor Attacker, but they provide much more consistent results and versatility than Scissor Attacker. This Beyblade is a welcome addition to any collection.

First Draft


- Since I will more than likely need to make changes, I will wait to do the formatted version.
Notes: Scissor attacker isn't that weak to upper because it's so small and usually used with WD's that obscure it. Its compact/weight defense usage is left spin only and very defensive and those are both pretty uncommon given they don't work well in spinsteal matchups against most things. The use it has for Defensive Zombies should be highlighted ahead of these because it really is an excellent choice, aside from the very slim chance of things hooking under the AR. Would note that it performs better than Tiger Defenser and War Lion in left (for defense/survival/everything really) due to those rounded front edges, as that is very significant, perhaps mention "albeit not to the extent of the rare and expensive [[Gabriel|Twin Horn]]."

For the zombie custom, Defense Grip Base 2 > CGB LAD-wise for wolborg, wlborg 2 and mdbs' shafts as the angle of the base and tip with DGB2 allows extra precession, and this is also cheaper, fitting with Scissor Attacker being an affordable part. In fact, I would suggest using wolborg's shaft to further emphasise this.

For the defensive zombie, go with CGB and Defense Ring just to mix it up a little (personally I prefer DGB2 as my defensive zombie combos don't need any more defense, but then I use softer, more grippy WB2 shafts and those limited to harder ones might need the extra defense.)

Also, now I think about it, it would probably be simpler to merge its use for compacts and weight based defense into a single combination using the parts both share, and calling the section "Use in Compact/Weight Based Defense Customizations"
And go with:
AR: Scissor Attacker
WD: Ten Heavy
SG: Neo Left SG (Heavy Metal Core)
SP: Defense Ring
BB: Customize Metal Change Base

Though you'd need to explain how it is both, and mention that left spin is rather ineffective.

As for its smash attack, I would emphasise the poor range (it HAS to use Ten Wide and even then the exposure isn't that great) alongside the recoil, but note that it can produce decent power, albeit not to the extent of Triple Wing or Cross Griffon, but say that it is still a usable option if you have nothing else, and give an attack combo with it a section (just a simple 10W/Grip Base setup).

And for the overall, I'd just say it's a welcome addition to any collection, rather than a must have as Tiger Defenser does a perfectly serviceable job in left spin as long as wide defense/survivor is used, and comes with metal change base, and works better in compacts and weight defense. Perhaps explaining it as being due to the availability of alternatives such as tiger defenser and war lion which despite performing poorer in left spin, provide more consistent performance overall would be the way to go.

On the topic of must-haves, I'll have a blogpost out soon explaining this that I wrote while fixing the usefulness categories and overalls of beywiki articles the other day. Turns out there are only 12 must haves (13 if you count wide defense), that give you strong examples of each competitive type aside from Force Smash and Spin Stealing Upper Attack, neither of which are all that essential to success - to get those you need three more beyblades. I haven't actually updated plasticsdb to take that into account yet, and right now I can't get through to any google domains aside from mail, so I can't go over that until sites starts working again.

Also when you do the formatted version, just look over the edits nocto made to Flash Leopard 2, and for the links he corrected I posted a cheatsheet in how to write beywiki articles or whatever the stickied topic is that should help with those a while ago, which should be on the last few pages still.
After I posted this, I thought about adding the part about how the WD will usually nullify the possibility of other AR's going underneath it. I had mentioned a few times that it outperfomrs Tiger Defenser in Left Spin, but just realized i did not actually include it in the AR section haha. Also, was not sure if the Twin Horn mention was worth it, but obviously it would be better to have too much info.

I will fix both customs as well as the descriptions.

I will change the description of it's use for Smash Attack and list a custom as well.

Ah that will be great, usually how I am thinking when get to the part of the Overall that lists if the Beyblade should be owned, etc., what I usually mean when I say "every competitive minded Blader should own this Beyblade" is that it provides a top tier part and from my point of view, competitive minded Bladers should be aiming to get the top tier parts. Obviously this is not a must have, but I would say since the AR is better in Left Spin than the likes of Tiger Defenser for several different types of customs that it would be a Beyblade all competitive minded bladers should try to have in their collection.

Okay, will do!
Hiwatari: My definition of must have might be a bit strict but it really is very justified at least in terms of plastics, where things are expensive and difficult to find. Beywiki tends to lean towards "has a top tier part, you must have it" but in plastics that's just not feasible and nor is it at all the reality.

: You know you could probably find most of that kind of information if you just search properly... Metal Dranzer's AR having use was a fairly recent discovery, and seeing as I was the one who stumbled on it, there would have been at least one lengthy post about it, if not more.
(Aug. 28, 2013  2:09 PM)th!nk Wrote: [ -> ] Hiwatari: My definition of must have might be a bit strict but it really is very justified at least in terms of plastics, where things are expensive and difficult to find. Beywiki tends to lean towards "has a top tier part, you must have it" but in plastics that's just not feasible and nor is it at all the reality.

Ah, very understandable. I have never thought about it like that. I will keep that in mind from now on.
Good draft
Updated the OP.
Made the changes that th!nk had suggested.