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Full Version: Selling HEELYS!
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Hey WBO, I just found my old Heelys in my closet xD
I bought them when I was like 10, and I have only used them about 10 times, they are in really good condition.

The reason why I am selling them is because they are size 7, which is waaay to small for me now, and I have no interest in them anymore.

So here are the pictures, if your interested in buying them, post here or PM me.

EDIT: Sorry about the quality of the photos, I took them with my DS xD
when you were 10 you had size 7 Chocked_2 Big foot
unless their small size 7s (erm i dont think anyone would be small size 7s here...)

Well, thats what its like in UK

Small size goes up to Size 13

Then big size goes up to i dunno 13 probably...
and wash those before you sell them!
Woah you have a huge foot then im like size 7 to 7 1/2 now.
hey guys! i am selling my old underwear! hope youre interested
Just saying Omega, I think you will have better luck putting these on ebay
Hahah yeah I just wanted to know if any of you guys would want them before I put them on eBay xD

Well yeah, I'm a size 11 now and I'm only 13. I'm pretty tall as well for my age.
I remember having size 13-14 by the age 14.

However after that my feet stopped growing.
I still haven't had my growth spurt, and I'm only about 2 and a half inches of being 6 feet tall.