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Full Version: [MFB] Selling thread
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These Beyblades I would be selling :

1. Hell Kerbecs- 675 Rs.
2.Basalt Horgonium- 300 Rs.
3.Ray Striker/Unicorno- 325 Rs.(Mint).
4.Vari Ares DGrin- 800 Rs.(Mint).
5.Gravity Perseaus/Destroyer- 300 Rs.
6.Grand Cetus- 250 Rs.
7.Meteo L-Drago-325 Rs.(Mint).
8.Lightning L-Drago- 250 Rs.
9.Rock Leone- 250 Rs.
10.Galaxy Pegasus- 300 Rs.
11.IR Spin control- 350 Rs. (Mint, just opened from packet).

Stadiums for sale :
1.Pegasus Thunder Whip- 700 Rs.
2.Super Vertex Stadium- 800 Rs. (Mint).

Accesories :

Photograph :[Warning large picture]
I don't accept returns.
How many usd is 2300 Rs?
Somwhere around 37 USD. Are you intrested in buying Vari Ares.

That's a crazy price! You can get 3 NEW Beyblades at that price ...
Yeah, but I got that for like 3000 Rs.
So, If anyone wants it they can take it. Though the other ones are very cheap.
But altough I will be changing it.
Don't post in caps. I have PM'ed you.
yeah i know.. just read the pm.. sorry about the caps Smile
Deal Done !. I have changed the price of Vari Ares, it now costs 800 Rs (Mint).
Can I have a Basalt Horgonium. I will be willing to buy it ?
What currency is RS?
(Aug. 04, 2013  6:22 AM)Buu Wrote: [ -> ]What currency is RS?

Indian Rupees.
Bump ! Prices lowered.
Can you hold the basalt horologium for 2 weeks, I will pay 360 rupees definite!
Of course !
i sent you a pm, but you havent responded? don't you even have paypal? cause if you dont how do you accept payment/ship to other countries? dude respond to your pm
Bump! I will be selling a MFB WBO legal stadium for 1,200/-.Pic coming up soon.