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Full Version: Master Draciel/Kid Draciel
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Master Draciel/Kid Draciel
System - 5 Layer
Type - Stamina

Attack Ring (AR): Smash Turtle
Smash Turtle is one of the wider AR's and as well as having a good weight, along with it's unique design, make it a very useful AR in many different types of customizations. Smash Turtle is almost a complete circle, separated in three places by points that are in the shape of a turtle's head. When Smash Turtle was originally designed, the original idea was to wear down opponents using the three protrusions on each wing (which is neglable) and the slopes (which is the main focus of this AR). Majority of this AR is three wings that have a downward angle on the ends, which makes Smash Turtle the top choice for a Force Smash customization.

Use in Force Smash Customization
Force Smash is a fairly difficult type of Attack as it requires a few factors to be used successfully. The first factor, is being the proper height. If the Force Smash custom is shorter than the opponent, then there will be no Force Smash coming from your Beyblade, the same applies if your opponent is extremely short. The second factor is to do your best to make sure your Beyblade is spinning in the same direction as your opponent. If the two Beyblades are spinning in opposite spin directions, then the Force Smash effect will be extremely ineffective.

AR: Smash Turtle
WD: Wide Defense
SG: Neo Right/Neo Left SG (Heavy Metal Core) (Takara Metal Driger)
SP: Defense Ring (Voltaic Ape)
BB: Customize Grip Base (Dragoon V2)

Use in Weight-Based Defense Customization
Smash Turtle is a very big AR, and with that size comes a good bit of weight, but the main reason to use Smash Turtle in Weight-Based Defense customs, is for Force Smash. The Force Smash effect is very useful in this Weight-Based Defense Custom as it brings a significant amount of Survival to the Weight-Based Defense, allowing for a higher chance of out-spinning the opponent.

AR: Smash Turtle
WD: 10 Heavy
SG: Neo Right/Neo Left SG (Heavy Metal Core) (Takara Metal Driger)
SP: Defense Ring (Voltaic Ape)
BB: Customize Metal Change Base (Driger V2)

Weight Disk (WD): Eight Wide
See Eight Wide

Spin gear (SG): Right SG

See Right SG.

Blade Base (BB): SG Sharp
See SG Sharp

Other Versions
Kid Draciel
Kid Draciel Metal Master
BBA Championship Series Master Draciel (Red Version)
Dark Green Version
Pink Version


This Beyblade contains Smash Turtle, a great AR for Weight-Based Defense, and is also the most successful AR in the Plastic Generation to be used for Force Smash. Master Draciel also has the unique trait of being a fairly useable Beyblade out of the box. Granted, it is not top tier by any means, but it can make a decent starter for first time Bladers. While there are some other AR options for Weight-Based Defense, Smash Turtle does bring a little bit of extra survival to Defense Customs, which can be very crucial. For that reason and as well as being the best AR to produce consistent Force Smash, this Beyblade is definitely recommended to all Bladers. Every Blader should own this Beyblade.

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Notes - I currently am unable to get the measurement for the AR or pictures, if someone else could provide that would be great as it will probably be a little while before I am able to do that.

Also, if anyone could clarify on the Dark Green and the Pink Versions of Master Draciel, that would help me out as I know I have seen them, but can not remember what they were from. If there are any others that I missed, also let me know.

Let me know how it is. I have submitted articles in the past, but never for the Wiki, if I left something out let me know please.
It seems really good! Nice work!

I'll see when I can try to edit it.
Just a very minor thing, I don't think you should use first person "I definetely recommend this beyblade."
Other than that, I personally think it looks good.
If you look at other plastics wiki pages, you'll notice that next to the parts for the customisation options for the beyblade part, there are links to other beyblades that contain that part (except weight disks). You would probably want to add this. I agree with Ultramarine, do not ever use the first person in a wiki article. Use something like:
For that reason and as well as being the only AR to produce consistent Force Smash, this beyblade is highly recommended (for any serious blader).
Use the bold part instead, or something similar (don't keep it bold either Grin )
Other than that, good article. Grin
Thank you all for the feedback.

I ran a spell check that I forgot to do originally.
Edited the Overall Section to make it non-first person.
Edited the Beyblade's which the parts that are used in the listed customs come from.
Linked all the parts to their proper pages.
^ Looking good, now looks like a top-notch article. Once the pictures come in, you're sorted.
A few quick notes: Force Smash =/= Attack, it's really more focussed on outspinning the opponent by making them scrape, and the combos don't regularly KO opponents.

Technically even slightly shorter blades can get over opponents due to the slopes of stadia, though that's not that relevant other than being a small factual correction. Also worth mentioning that LAD is important, both because good LAD parts are, by nature of sharing a lot of characteristics also good at not being destabilized/upper attacked.

I could waffle about Force Smash and that particular combo for many pages and I think there are a couple more things that warrant mentioning (though perhaps a force smash article for plastics would cover such details anyway), but collecting my thoughts will take some time so I can't say much right now. Probably worth mentioning that if your opponent has significantly higher RPM then you will get upper'd by your own slopes, but it's hard to phrase that accurately and it would be covered in a proper force smash article, that said it's part of why smash turtle isn't a good choice for survival types, other than the availability of things like tiger defenser etc with way less recoil.

Smash Turtle isn't particularly heavy, the main reason it's used for weight based defense is the force smash it offers (which helps weight based defense a lot in terms of outspinning defense/balance), given weight based defense has a good weight distribution for that and smash turtle is relatively low recoil (though smaller AR's such as Tiger Defenser take hits better, Smash Turtle outspins a whole lot more things. Also worth noting is that its fairly large size makes KO launches significantly easier.

"Really the only choice" sounds too informal to me, also Wing Survivor can be used it's just not as good due to being recoily and generally ineffective at attack which is the only thing it does that Smash Turtle can't do better.

Also might be worth mentioning that smash turtle was designed to wear down opponents both with the three protrusions on each wing (which don't really work) and the slopes (which do really work)

And for the overall, personally I don't think it's a must have but it is easily as good a buy as other beys listed as 'must haves' so that is probably okay, however you should mention that Master Draciel is one of the less-terrible uncustomized beyblades (though it's still not very good uncustomized, it just doesn't have anything particularly terrible or self-defeating on it which is very uncommon).

I hope that makes some sense/isn't too train of thought, this caught me off-guard after a kinda tiring day, but if I don't reply quickly it'll either gnaw at me for the next few hours or I will procrastinate and not respond for like a month. It's really nice to see you contributing especially as you write well, which is something we always need.

PS: I'll post the info from the database I'm working on here when I'm done with its entry (should be today/tomorrow - didn't realise it wasn't finished but it needs some polishing) in case it helps at all, though I think between what you've written and this rambling post it's all covered.
(Aug. 01, 2013  9:50 AM)th!nk Wrote: [ -> ]

When I first started writing this article, I was hoping there would be an article on Force Smash, but unfortunately, one has not been done yet. So, I tried to include a little bit without actually writing an article within an article so to speak haha.

I could not remember the exact weight, and I knew that it was not the heaviest AR by any means, but I thought it was leaning more towards the heavier side of the list as opposed to the lighter side. I suppose I could re-word that part and change it to something along the lines of how it is one of the heavier AR's that are Top Tier in Weight Based Defense, as it outweighs a handful of them.

I can also revise the information about the Weight-Based Defense Custom to include why Smash Turtle is used for the Force Smash effect along with its wide design.

There are a few other tweaks I can make to it regarding the other facts you pointed out. I will do these edits real quick.

Thanks for the critiquing Smile


I edited the AR Section, Use in Force Smash Customization, Weight-Based Defense Customization, and the Overall Section.


Formatted it and added it to the original post.
Still needs the weight of Smash Turtle as well as the confirmation of the other versions and pictures for the gallery