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Full Version: Goreim Revizer E230SB Draft
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| image =
| full item name = Goreim Revizer E230SB
| item number = BBG-25
| beyblade system = [[Beyblade Zero-G]]
| beyblade type = [[Defense]]
| element = Water + Earth


==Stone Face: Revizer==

*'''Weight:''' 1.2 grams

The printed mark for this light blue Stone Face depicts a [ Leviathan].

==Chrome Wheel 1: Revizer==

*'''Weight:''' 30.6 grams

Revizer has a mostly circular shape, its design being only interrupted by two holes that detail leviathan fins. Its overall design depicts a leviathan—head, clawed feet, fins and spikes—curled around the Chrome Wheel circumference.

===When used as the top Chrome Wheel in a Synchrom===
Revizer is heavy and thin, but also suffers from balance issues. Its weight is helpful in Force Smash customs but only because of its weight. Its contact points also have Recoil, but can be attenuated by the added weight of a Synchrom customization. Revizer’s defensive properties are its greatest assets, and can be put to use in [[Defense]] customizations such as MSF-H Saramanda Revizer E230RDF/RB/CS/RS.

===When used as the bottom Chrome Wheel in a Synchrom===
Revizer has no significant downward slopes, leaving it useless in Force Smash customs when on the bottom. This makes Revizer perform the same on the bottom of a Synchrom as on top. However, Revizer performs well with Dragooon, and can be used in Spin-Stealing customs such as MSF-H Revizer Dragooon SA165EWD, as well as balance customizations like MSF-H Revizer Dragooon BD145RDF. Revizer can also be used in the Defense custom MSF-H Revizer Saramanda BD145RDF/RB/CS/RS, although this combo is not optimal.

===When in Synchrom with Itself===
While being next to useless for Stamina, Revizer, when Synchromed with another Revizer, can make a very powerful Defense custom.

=== Use in Defense Customization===
Revizer can be combined with another Revizer to form a top-tier Defense combination: MSF-H Revizer Revizer BD145/E230RDF/RB/CS/RS.

==Chrome Wheel 2: Goreim==
*'''Weight:''' 29.6 grams
Almost similar to Bakushin's rock cliff design, Goreim is built with many sections that resemble rocks, with many crevasses everywhere. Since Bandid Goreim appears to be inspired by the theme of a warrior too, several protrusions like pieces of an armor constitute Goreim's outermost circumference. On the opposite side of the hole where the Crystal Wheel protrudes is a helmet designed into the Chrome Wheel. The weight, albeit light in comparison to other Chrome Wheels, seems distributed right on its edges, away from its center.

==When used as the top Chrome Wheel in a Synchrom:==

Goreim is a very compact Chrome Wheel. When used in attack customs, it can help boost the spin velocity of the opponent. Unfortunately, it has less smash than many other Chrome Wheels, and due to Goreim making most of the contact on the top of a Synchrom, this effect is negligible. In defense combos, it has too much recoil to be used on the top, as well as poor stamina. Due to these factors, Goreim has no use on the top of a Synchrom.

==When used as the bottom Chrome Wheel in a Synchrom:==

Goreim has minor force smash. In attack combos, Goreim doesn’t have enough smash as Chrome Wheels such as Gryph, Begirados, and Wyvang. However, it does help in boosting the spin velocity of Wyvang in attack customizations. Unfortunately, a second Wyvang will do much better than Goreim on the bottom. However, if two Wyvangs are not available, Goreim has use in the attack custom, MSF-H Goreim Wyvang GB145 R2F.

==When used in Synchrom with itself:==

The Goreim Goreim Synchrom has minor attack potential, but less smash attack than Chrome Wheels such as Begirados, Gryph, and Wyvang. It also has considerable recoil compared to Metal Wheels such as Duo, as well as poor stamina. It has minor use in force smash customs, but other Chrome Wheels will perform better. As such, Goreim is useless in Synchrom with itself.

==Track: Elevator 230==
Weight: 7.4 grams
E230 is a mechanical upgrade to the regular 230 Track. Its core is modified to accomodate, along its whole height, the ascent and descent of a free-moving disk, hence the term "elevator". This disk however does not freely-rotate around the Track like ED145, and its vertical position cannot be fixed. E230 works almost essentially for the Zero-G Stadiums, because its gimmick requires a lot of movements up and down to function well. As the Beyblade comes down, E230 comes in contact with the sides of the stadium, and this contact is maintained all the way to the bottom, which theoretically allows the combination to keep its balance despite the erratic movements of the Zero-G Stadiums. This allows it to stumble over even less, which is useful since it isn't a rare occurence in those stadiums.

E230's disk can legally but secretly be flipped over to create a sort of "Boost Mode" similar to BD145. The disk can be placed in such a way that it either lies fairly low on the Track, or slightly elevated around the middle. In the latter configuration, the disk moves up and down much less than in the former. When used in a non-Zero-G environment, E230's disk provides additional defense compared to a 230 Track. Its wide diameter, equivalent to BD145's disk, can absorb hits from low- to mid-height attackers. Despite this, it is not a direct upgrade to 230 in Stamina combos because it performs significantly different aerodynamically and balance-wise. It is considered to be a top-tier Defense Track because of its height and the defensive nature of the disk, which can deflect attacks that normal 230 Tracks cannot.

IMPORTANT: Hasbro's iteration of E230 has shown to have a disk that moves up and down considerably less smoothly than SonoKong and TAKARA-TOMY's versions. This can affect performance, notably by providing delayed defensive properties as well as destabilizing the Beyblade.

===Use in Defense Customization===
The E230 Track has found use both in traditional Defense and in Zero-G Defense by countering the Zero-G Attack's sway. It is solid enough to defend well against most heights without being destabilised, like in the combination '''MSF-H Revizer Revizer E230RS/RB''' or with the Bottoms BSF/MB/TB/RSF/RS for Zero-G Defense.

==Bottom: Sharp Ball==

{| class="wikitable"

|<font size="1"><b>Weight:</b></font>

|<font size="1">0.6 gram</font>

|<font size="1"><b>Full Width:</b></font>

|<font size="1">15.91 mm</font>

|<font size="1"><b>Tip Width:</b></font>

|<font size="1">9.22 mm</font>

|<font size="1"><b>Full Height:</b></font>

|<font size="1">8.77 mm</font>

|<font size="1"><b>Tip Height:</b></font>

|<font size="1">5.01 mm</font>


SB is essentially cone-shaped, with a very subtly rounded tip at its end. It differs from BS exactly for that reason: while BS consists of a ball with a slight sharp tip, SB has the opposite with a sharp base that ends in a more ball-like tip. In a BeyStadium Attack Type metagame, SB is completely useless, having poor balance, low defense, and very little aggression. However, in a Zero-G stadium, SB is excellent at resisting sway. Because of this, it has use in the Zero-G Defense custom MSF-H Revizer Revizer E230 SB.

==Uncustomized Performance==
Goreim Revizer E230SB is very similar to the top tier Zero-G Defense custom MSF-H Revizer Revizer E230SB, only lacking a Metal Stone Face and a second Revizer. Because of this Goreim Revizer performs excellently uncustomized for Zero-G Defense. While it is not top tier, an uncustomized Goreim Revizer E230SB is still a viable competitive choice to this day.

==Other Versions==

*'''Orojya Revizer T125JB Dark Blue Ver.''' - WBBA Lottery Campaign: A Starter+Stadium or a Set that contains a stadium had to be purchased for a chance to win one of the 1000 available.
*'''Pirates Revizer M145CF''' - BBG-17 Random Booster Vol. 2 Archer Gargole SA165WSF (Pink, purple, green and yellow stickers)
*'''Samurai Revizer SA165Q''' - BBG-17 Random Booster Vol. 2 Archer Gargole SA165WSF (Orange, green and black stickers)
*'''Guardian Revizer 160SB''' - BBG-21 Fast Zero-G Battle Set (Grey stickers)
*'''Goreim Revizer E230SB''' - BBG-25 Ultimate Synchrom DX Set Stamina & Defense Type (Green, yellow and blue stickers)



This Beyblade consists of almost completely top tier parts in Revizer, E230, and SB for Defense and Zero-G Defense, respectively. Even though Goreim is not top tier it provides a substitute for a second Wyvang for Attack. These qualities, along with this Beyblade's uncustomized performance make this Beyblade '''a must-have for all serious competitive Bladers.'''

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That is a good beyblade and set

Good Beyblades you tested
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I actually realized that I got the order of the Chrome Wheels wrong, so I just fixed that.